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Sigrity X Signal and Power Integrity Simulation

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Learn about Sigrity X and the incredible performance it provides within the signal, power, and electromagnetic analysis domains.

Redefining Signal and Power Integrity 

Next-generation Cadence Sigrity X signal and power integrity (SI/PI) solutions are redefining SI and PI analysis with a performance increase of up to 10X while maintaining the trusted accuracy for which Sigrity tools are known. Sigrity X technology for system-level SI and PI analysis enables designers to cut the number of design respins and meet compressed time-to-market windows with confidence. It features powerful simulation engines for system-level analysis and includes the innovative, massively distributed architecture of the Cadence flagship Clarity 3D Solver. 

Sigrity X technology works in tandem with the Clarity 3D Solver and is deeply integrated into the Cadence Allegro PCB Designer and Allegro Package Designer Plus implementation tools. This enables PCB and IC package designers to incorporate end-to-end, multi-fabric, multi-board systems (from transmitter to receiver or power source to power sink) for SI/ PI signoff success. Sigrity X also provides an enhanced user experience that streamlines setup time for detailed system-level SI/PI analysis by transitioning seamlessly across different analysis workflows.

SI and PI Analysis to Improve Workflow Productivity 

Cadence advanced SI/PI analysis technologies enable your design team to work with the most efficient design and analysis flows, ensuring that your product meets cost, performance, and reliability goals and is ready to go to market quickly. 

Keep the System Center in Design and Analysis 

The purpose of simulating signal and power delivery is to ensure everything will work before the product is built. However, what happens when simulation uncovers a problem? Identifying the problem is great, but it is also vital to optimize the resulting design and simulation process.

The integration of Cadence PCB and IC design tools with analysis tools makes for seamless communication between design and analysis teams. Find unique technology opportunities like routing topology alternative suggestions, as well as optimization suggestions, built into your design platforms while staying within the Cadence tool ecosystem.  

Bring Massively Paralleled Processing Technology to Your Simulations 

The massively distributed architecture unique to Cadence analysis tools enables signal and power integrity engineers to obtain a more detailed analysis of uncompromised interconnect structures in a timely manner.  

Benefit from the integration of design and analysis technology while taking advantage of your multi-core computational resources by parallelizing the simulation tasks required to verify your designs. 

Simulate your power delivery from source to sink and simulate your signals from transmitter to receiver while considering the impact of neighboring signals, ground bounce, and power droop. Verify each PCB and IC package individually and then in the full context of chip-package-PCB. 

Hone Your Designs with Robust Analysis 

Cadence SI/PI analysis technology boosts the confidence of engineers that there won’t be surprises down the road. Instead of signing off on the designated “high risk” parts of a design, they can simulate everything and sign off knowing they have full coverage with gold-standard accuracy. 

Speed and accuracy of a simulator only provide value when the analysis results can be trusted. Users of Cadence analysis tools experience test measurement accuracy with their simulations. Meeting design specifications during the simulation phase results in a quick transition from prototype to volume manufacturing.

Available from Cadence

Sigrity X

Perform your necessary power delivery network (PDN) crosstalk and reflection analysis, interconnect analysis, and IBIS modeling with 10 times the speed. Never resort to divide-and-conquer simulation methodologies with the comprehensive capacity of Sigrity X.

Sigrity X Aurora

Enjoy the in-design analysis options within the Sigrity X engine by performing simulations within your Allegro PCB Editor layout and using the simulation results for same-tool optimization and “what if” scenario explorations.

System Optimization with Robust Simulation

Signal Integrity

Reduce cost and time by identifying potential reflection and crosstalk problems early and using leading-edge SI interfaces with statistical and time-domain analysis of serial and parallel links with speeds up to 112Gbps and beyond.

Power Integrity

Reduce cost and time by identifying potential problems early and ensure reliable power delivery by verifying AC, DC, and power-ripple analysis. Optimize a PDN across the board/package interface and easily address system-level power analysis challenges with a block-based schematic editor

Interconnect Extraction

Access gold-standard interconnect modeling for packages and PCBs with combined extraction that not only delivers greater accuracy than two cascaded models, but also enables you to simulate interaction between signals, power, and ground.

Sign Off Your PCB and IC Package Designs Faster



Connecting all the components together on a PCB on as few layers as possible is the noble goal of every PCB design team. However, point-to-point connectivity is only the beginning of the challenge. Being empowered with in-design analysis technology to validate PCB SI/PI reduces iterations and accelerates products to market. 

Utilizing signoff-level engines in an easy-to-use design environment empowers a productive workflow when collaborating with expert-level SI/PI engineers who use the same engines in their analysis environment. Cadence provides unique capabilities to design teams to find problems early and allow analysis teams to focus on exhaustive system-level analysis using signoff methodology.

IC Packages

IC Packages

Flipchip, wirebond, module, and stacked die are just a few of the ways chips and chiplets are being combined in modern IC packages. Choosing the right analysis technology for a design is made easier when a wide range of signoff-level technology is made available to SI/PI teams. 

Using a common user interface, analysis teams can quickly simulate the full package with hybrid-solver technology to find and fix the most common problems. Then, to meet the signoff-level milestone, full-wave 3D finite element method (FEM) simulation can be massively parallelized across multiple computers to be sure that the package is ready for tapeout.

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