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Maximize your product for EM potential with the performance, speed, and capacity within Clarity EM Solver.

3D EM Analysis for IC, PCB, and IC Package Design Through to Complete High-Frequency and High-Speed Electronic Systems

The Cadence Clarity 3D Solver is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software tool for designing critical interconnects for PCBs, IC packages, and systems on IC (SoIC). The Clarity 3D Solver lets you tackle the most complex EM challenges when designing high-frequency systems for 5G, automotive, high-performance computing (HPC), and antennas for gold-standard accuracy.

Cadence’s industry-leading distributed multiprocessing technology enables the Clarity 3D Solver to deliver virtually unlimited capacity and 10X speed required to efficiently and effectively address these larger and more complex structures. It creates highly accurate S-parameter models for use in signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), high-frequency (RF/Microwave) applications, and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) analysis, enabling simulation results that match lab measurement, even at 112Gbps+ data transfer speeds. The Clarity 3D Solver can solve the true 3D structure by efficiently matching the available computing resources to the size of the design.

EM Simulations Delivering Speed, Accuracy, Capacity, and Streamlined Workflows  

EM simulations are costly in terms of analysis time and computational resources, so large jobs are usually segmented into smaller portions, analyzed separately, and then stitched back together, adding to the issue of risk in design cycles. The Clarity 3D Solver enables engineers to tackle the most complex EM challenges with gold-standard accuracy.

Keep the System Center in Design and Analysis

While alternative design or analysis workflows require users to hop between unique software interfaces, file infrastructures, and databases to accomplish both their design and any simulation functions they need, Cadence provides everything you need in a single flow.

The Clarity 3D Solver is seamlessly integrated with the Cadence Virtuoso and Allegro system-in-package (SiP) and PCB designer tools, making the design flow repeatable, scalable, and traceable. Redefine your design and analysis workflows for ultimate performance.

Bring Massively Paralleled Processing Technology to Your Simulations

The state-of-the-art, massively parallelized matrix solver with breakthrough algorithms in adaptive mesh refinement and frequency sweep processes delivers near-linear scalability with gold-standard accuracy, allowing you to sign off and successfully bring your design to the manufacturing process

Take advantage of your multi-core compute resources by parallelizing the mathematical tasks required to solve for 3D structures. Merge mechanical structures such as cables and connectors with their system design and model an EM interface as a single model. The Clarity elastic compute architecture is automatically partitioned, so simulations can be run on machines of any capacity with unbounded scalability

Customizable and Scalable EM Simulation


Clarity 3D Solver Cloud offers cloud-optimizing distribution for dynamic deployment and fault-tolerant restart while prioritizing costs to save you money.

Whether you’re looking for cloud security, stability, storage, and access, or simply want to improve the speed and quality of your simulations, cloud-based opportunities with Clarity 3D Solver support all your needs.

Additionally, Clarity technology in the multiphysics system analyst role on the Cadence OnCloud platform empowers your designs in a hardware-independent environment built for access to the best of our system analysis technologies.

Clarity 3D Solver Cloud offers cloud-optimizing distribution for dynamic deployment and fault-tolerant restart while prioritizing costs to save you money.

Available from Cadence

Clarity 3D Solver 

The most complicated EM challenges for high-speed and high-frequency systems demand powerful software. Whether working in 5G, automotive, high-performance computing (HPC), or machine learning (ML) applications, take advantage of the gold-standard in the Clarity 3D Solver.

Clarity 3D Transient Solver

The Clarity 3D Transient Solver tackles electrically large designs common with electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance. It produces results for voltage, current, field distribution, and field animation in the time domain. For frequency domain output, results include specific absorption rate (SAR), near/far field distribution, current distribution, and more.

Clarity 3D Solver Cloud 

The Clarity 3D Solver Cloud allows users to access the full Clarity experience of enterprise and large system-scale simulations as a push-button cloud offering. If your experience with the Clarity 3D Solver in the Cadence OnCloud platform is superb, greater simulation profiles on larger enterprise scales can be accomplished with the same functional experience as Clarity 3D Solver Cloud.

Address High-Speed Interconnect Modeling Challenges with Massively Parallelized Simulation Engines 

Industry-leading Cadence distributed multiprocessing technology delivers virtually unlimited capacity and 10X speed required to efficiently and effectively address larger and more complex structures. Solve 3D structures by efficiently matching the available computing resources to the size of the design.

Seamless Integration with Cadence Design Platforms

The Clarity 3D Solver is integrated with the Cadence Allegro, Virtuoso, and AWR platforms, enabling you to optimize in the analysis tool and implement in the design tool without redrawing.

Massively Parallel Matrix Solver Technology

Industry-leading parallelization technology ensures that both meshing and frequency sweeping can be partitioned and parallelized across as many computers, computer configurations, and cores as are available.

Cloud-Optimizing Distribution

The massively parallel architecture of the Clarity 3D Solver offers elastic access to multiple cores in the cloud, enabling unbounded simulation capacity.

Performance Optimization and Signoff

In addition to the unbounded scalability, the same parallel architecture enables virtually linear performance gain, delivering up to 10X speedup over current solutions. The fine-tuning of the algorithms for finite element method (FEM) has enabled the golden accuracy to be maintained.

S-Parameter Extraction

Computational electromagnetic tools use S-parameters to characterize the field coupling between ports in applications such as power integrity, high frequency, and signal integrity. The Clarity 3D Solver calculates these parameters with gold-standard accuracy, ensuring signoff-level confidence.

Accurate Models Faster 

IC Packages

IC Packages

Companies designing complex semiconductor packages face PI and SI issues driven by increasing IC speeds and data transmission rates combined with decreases in power-supply voltages and denser, smaller geometries.

Stacked die and packages, higher pin counts, and greater electrical performance constraints are making the physical design of semiconductor packages more complex. EM solver integration with Allegro Package Designer Plus and the SiP Layout Option enables a seamless workflow with signoff-level accuracy



The information revolution has driven the integration of more products into multifunction PCB assemblies that are required to perform more functions in smaller footprints.

Small footprint, multifunction PCB assemblies create extremely dense PCBs with multi-domain functions such as digital, analog, RF, and optical that must coexist. Cadence products ensure the EM environment is accurately characterized, giving designers insight and certainty when eliminating respin to deliver products to market quickly.



All products at some point have connectors, from PCI to SMA RF connectors. These connections can introduce unwanted high-frequency effects, at PCB to connector interfaces, or where connectors join.

Cadence EM solvers can import MCAD connector models and mate them with PCB designs to ensure these effects can be mitigated or eliminated.



The proliferation of technology is driving requirements for all devices to ensure wireless connectivity. In many cases, there are multiple types of communication protocols necessitating many integrated antennas.

From onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS to V2V in automotive, EM simulation technologies can ensure that connectivity is maintained while preventing interference.

More Analysis Needed? No Problem

With the vast selection of SI, PI, microwave/RF, and thermal analysis tools from Cadence, you’ll be equipped for innovations both today and tomorrow.

Sigrity Technologies

Ensure any board, package, or system is secure with leading power integrity and signal integrity solutions.

Celsius Thermal Solver

Examine temperature like never before with the computational prowess of the Celsius Thermal Solver and its host of CFD and FEM solutions. 

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Cadence OnCloud Platform for the Multiphysics Analysis

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Robust multiphysics computational software for electromagnetics, thermal, power, and signal integrity.

  • Customizable simulation job speed for increased productivity
  • Access cloud-based file storage for input across project team
  • Solve with virtually unlimited computational potential

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