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Uncommon geometries, requirement-intensive flow environments, and multiple iteration design cycles are all adding more computational complexity to the analysis of industrial and turbomachinery equipment, such as compressors, pumps, turbines, mixers, and more. Engineers are increasingly relying on CFD simulations in the design processes of turbomachinery and industrial equipment. Demand for miniaturization, more efficient designs, and faster design cycles, requires greater levels of fidelity and efficiency of CFD simulations.

Realistic simulation expectations, real world operating conditions, and Multiphysics, or multi-disciplinary simulations, all make for challenging CFD simulation criteria. With stronger software, upgrade your production of applications such as impeller technology, hydraulic turbines, axial flow machine, and turbocharger technology for greater energy transfer in your various flow machines. Cadence® CFD solutions power your technology with intelligent, highly automated pre-processing solutions and fast solver speed for efficient design cycling.


Save Projects with Fast and Accurate Turnarounds

Enabling technological advancement in industrial settings and turbomachinery requires a keen understanding of the pushes being made any given year. Cadence researchers and engineers are actively involved in roundtables and conference settings, discussing the evolution of the industry at large. Stay ahead of your competition’s curve with our excellent standards in pre-processing accuracy, solver speed, optimization, and post-processing.

Spectacular solvers

When we talk about solvers, we talk about two factors: fidelity and speed. Thankfully, the array of Cadence CFD solutions can improve both your design fidelity and speed of design cycles. Our non-linear harmonic methodology helps you can analyze unsteady flows, transient behavior (rotating stall, cavitation, clocking), and fast tonal noise in acoustics orders of magnitude faster than traditional techniques.

Automated Mesh Generation

Automation of mesh generation available in Cadence CFD technology enables a shift in the mindset trying to avoid traditional CFD bottlenecks in mesh generation. Meshing of complex geometries can be done in minutes and combined with novel pre-processing tools in our CFD platform enables you to create structured, unstructured, or hybrid meshes efficiently.

Optimization and Efficient Design Cycles

We’ve already spoken about our pre-processing capabilities toward automation, but our post-processing is also unique and capable of quick automation. Avoid the overcomplication of robust workflow set up with our unique all-in-one CFD platform that enables design, CFD, and optimization without having to alternate between different tools.

Here is Your Freedom to Innovate

With complicated geometries and robust environmental conditions to model flow behavior, turbomachinery applications need to trust in their CFD workflows for the utmost in design fidelity and optimization. Challenges such as unique and complicated part geometries or difficult flow conditions are best met in tools that are prepared to handle these scenarios and have adapted workflows around improving the efficiency of these processes.

A gas turbine, wind turbine, or steam turbine all require finite understanding and real simulations of turbomachinery component interactions within the flow conditions of fluid mechanics. Turbomachinery design, at its heart, will need to analyze this fluid flow for components such as rotors and rotor blades, turbine blades, air compressors, centrifugal compressors or axial compressors, all to encourage optimized mechanical power with energy conversion mechanisms and efficient heat transfer.

Unsteady Flow Conditions


System conditions and real behavior modeling require the simulation of more off-design flows. These off-design flows tend to be where the greatest degrees of unsteadiness occur as well as having large separations. Improving your ability to analyze unsteady flow conditions is vital to the overall design efficiency and solver speed for your design cycles.

Our non-linear harmonic methodology improves analysis speeds of unsteady conditions to improve affordability for your designs. Don’t settle for incomplete flow analysis, or for unnecessarily expensive simulation hours. Find the answers you need at the speed you deserve.

Pre-Processing for Complex Geometries


Complex geometry and off-design pre-processing continue to be some of the most time-consuming and challenging components of your CFD workflows in turbomachinery scenarios. Cadence understands that grid and mesh generation are already time-consuming processes requiring significant attention. In addition to our comprehensive capacity in your CFD pre-processing stages, automation and templatization continue to improve productivity.

Instead of bouncing around various tools to set up a robust workflow, the Cadence CFD solution enables you to automate the mesh you need and insert it into a customizable workflow. Equip yourself appropriately, because complicated parts and unique off-design scenarios will continue to emerge, as the field of turbomachinery CFD demands greater degrees of realistic analysis.

Improving Speed Saves Design Cycles


New off-design conditions and unexpected phenomena require additional simulation and design optimization. Our CFD platform allows for proper and customizable CFD workflows, high degrees of automation, and loop functions that feedback results into your workflow. Optimization begins with a proper post-processing tool capable of intuitive feedback into the rest of your CFD workflow, as well as integrated pre-processing and solver tools that can implement feedback in an automated fashion.

The Cadence CFD suite understands that realistic modeling of designs requires many runs and iterations to ensure an array of potential environments and accounts for application scenarios. The integrated solutions built into the same overall workflow allow you to run design cycles faster than ever.


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