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The human body is a system worth modeling and Cadence is here to provide the CFD simulation capabilities to do just that. Ages-old health problems and new variances happen upon our populations at any given moment. If the point of CFD fidelity and efficiency in mechanical systems like planes, cars, and boats is to ensure customer safety and project success, then applying the same logic to what goes in and around patient’s bodies is equally vital to maintain exacting standards. 

Micro-scale geometries, unique flow conditions, and the inability to templatize due to every patient’s unique body make-up all comprise challenges for the health modeling and analysis industry whether organic systems or assistive devices. With intelligent computational systems working to ensure high-degrees of automation and ease-of-input, you can make use of your data like never before. 



Save Projects with Fast and Accurate Turnarounds 

Health, biomedical, and pharmaceutical fields each have nuanced requirements of CFD simulations. The unifying factors for any CFD analysis are the necessity for high degrees of fidelity without sacrificing efficiency. While greater degrees of patient data, higher demands of accuracy and standards adherence, and always unique modeling occasions pose an evergreen challenge to the overall speed of simulations, automation and turn-key solutions are at the heart of computational excellence.  

Verification and Validation

As technology evolves to have more realistic behavior modeling, so too do expectations for verifying and validating simulation results. Ensure ease in finalizing your design cycles with easy-to-configure software that enables feedback from post-processing through your CFD workflow. Our optimization process enables uncertainty quantification which allows the verification of simulation results even further.

Blood Flow and Particle Interaction Modeling

The realistic modeling of particle interactions like those in blood flow is an immense challenge for CFD simulations. Serving as a primary example to the need of solver fidelity and efficiency, factors like dynamic viscosity, acoustic wavelengths, modeling radial flows, particulate collision, friction, and adhesion all require refined CFD approaches. On top of optimizing flow regimes, shear stresses continue to demand attention from analysts too.


At the heart of Cadence CFD pre-processing solutions is the understanding that your mesh is oftentimes the biggest bottleneck of any design cycle. Patients have unique flow attributions and environments throughout any number of imaginable scenarios and diagnoses. With greater degrees of expertise required to improve accuracy and efficiency of mesh generation, creating solutions to an experience gap is necessary for moving CFD technology forward.

Here is Your Freedom to Innovate

Accuracy remains in contention with the efficiency of design cycles for the health space. If you absolutely cannot sacrifice fidelity and validation, complicated and unique geometry models make automation difficult-to-impossible, how are you expected to improve design speed? We believe post-processing is an immense opportunity in the health space when paired with our automation in pre-processing and streamlined workflows.

Post-Processing and Design Optimization


Industry standards and national health and safety rigor require a vast array of simulation profiles to account for in any commercial health technology. The first step in overcoming this necessity is working within an all-encompassing CFD environment where your simulation results feed into an optimization framework allowing for multidisciplinary, multi-objective design optimization for quick and highly accurate turnarounds on design changes. 

In order to deploy these technologies, greater levels of efficiency in design turnaround are necessary to run millions of simulations with unique flow regimes and physical phenomenon addressed. We all want the utmost in safety and assurance in our simulation results. Between our streamlined workflow and an all-in-one CFD platform, you are empowered to make use of the customizable and highly automated GUI available to curate the design cycle that will maintain the highest fidelity and efficiency for you and your CFD analysis.

Solver Fidelity


When your technology’s success directly affects consumer and patient safety, fidelity is an utmost priority in all simulations. How then do you balance necessary fidelity standards with the desire to get technology out fast enough to positively impact the affected target market? Whether it is hemodynamics at large, soft tissues and other complicated and unique geometries, or something else entirely, CFD analysis has its work cut out to maintain expectations for fidelity and speed. 

An all-in-one CFD workflow enables quicker turnarounds as design cycles require customizations and optimizations. With an unquestioning commitment to fidelity, Cadence CFD technologies deploy highly accurate solvers to simulate the rapidly changing environments for health devices. Empower yourself to analyze and design the next life-saving technologies. 

Lower Computational Overhead


Some of the greatest challenges of analysis tools in today’s era of computational capacity is in overhead: how many resources are required to run the simulations you need at the speed you want? Cadence technology has long been committed to giving the utmost fidelity in results, paired with extraordinary speeds, at customizable and scalable computational overheads. 

With the Cadence CFD portfolio, we will continue this commitment to improving simulation reliability and speed, without demanding an absolute commitment to CPU/GPU resources. CFD cannot afford to sacrifice either fidelity or speed. Being able to model unique geometry conditions is infallibly necessary for ensuring the highest degree of accuracy in your solvers. Ensure your designs can be achieved with efficiency with Cadence CFD tools. 


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