Automotive Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Evolving Computations for an Evolving Industry’s Next Steps

With greater computational fidelity available, balancing luxury and performance of vehicles has never been more achievable. Real behavioral modeling of vehicles brings awareness of more opportunity for system optimization. There is near-infinite potential to fine-tune vehicles for any number of parameters (external aerodynamics, acoustics, engine efficiency, electrification, comfort). CFD tools need to be flexible and robust to account for the spread of simulation desired, at the speed and fidelity levels required.

Electrification, or the quest for alternative power sources for vehicles, leads to compelling thermal management necessities as well as unique drag scenarios. Maintaining a fast turnaround time on simulations ensures that project timelines are maintained while enabling the exploration of design optimizations.

Car Simulation

Customizable Fidelity Excels at Simulation Turnaround

Efficiency is one of the greatest markers of engineering team excellence in the automotive industry. As any iteration of a vehicle design offers plenty of room for improvement, managing computational usage while exploring the various topologies is a balancing act for project schedules.

Steady State and Transient Approaches

Making changes to vehicles is imperative for the design of new marketable systems. Understand the stakes for your CFD simulation with choices for fidelity such as RANS and time-dependent scale-resolving models or choices based on flow conditions with pressure-based or density-based solvers.

Automated Watertight Meshing

With the AutoSeal technology available through our Fidelity software, we have created a pre-processing tool that cuts back design time from weeks to hours. Furthermore, grid generation through Cadence CFD solutions offer top-down meshing approaches as well as complete boundary layer and wake resolution.

Highly Automated and Customizable Workflows

With advanced engines in place, Fidelity has been designed to optimize speed and fidelity of CFD workflows through using large CPU/GPU resources, and through intelligent optimization and automation of your workflow.

Pave Your Way with Robust Workflows

With time to market getting slimmer in the race for greater and greater feats of vehicle efficiency, you need faster and more trustworthy simulations. Make your tools work for you by starting with automatic CAD clean-up (gap removal) of the geometry, grid generation then progressing into adaptable solver solutions.

Bring on Electrification


Vehicle electrification and the search for alternative energy sources for transportation continues to demand heavy attention and effort from all stages of the product design cycle. Difficulties like battery lifecycle improvement, heat management, passenger comfort, and vehicle acoustics all change rapidly with the introduction of new powertrain systems. Your customers aren't waiting around for your simulation timelines so your engineers shouldn’t be forced to either. Witness your vehicle hit the production line with best-in-class power, efficiency, and comfort at the speed you crave.

Save Time in Preparation


Turbocharger designers can’t get enough of our AutoSeal meshing solution. With notable case studies dropping necessary gap removal timelines from weeks and even months to mere hours, we’d love to work with you to see your next product put some dust behind it ahead of schedule. Adjacent and around AutoSeal though are a host of solvers, pre-, and post-processing tools which are built with the Cadence theme that if you set yourself up correctly, you’ll have less headaches down the line and less difficulties accomplishing what you set out for.

Make Vehicle Changes Without Sacrificing Turnaround Speed


Changing out wheels, bumpers, or various equipage of your vehicle results in necessary simulation adjustments and turnarounds. However, when these changes happen with days or even hours before a production deadline, you shouldn’t be hamstrung by solver inefficiencies. With the Fidelity platform, you can comfortably adapt your simulations at a greater turnaround rate than ever before without sacrificing fidelity.


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