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Flight has long been a society-defining technology. Whether new capacities in travel or more effective and efficient developments in security, technology continues to develop to meet global needs. Real-world modeling of phenomena such as external aerodynamics, propulsion, incompressible flows, and turbulence modeling, each require evolving degrees of fidelity.

Thorough access to customizable simulation workflows is necessary to manage computational loads and the need for optimal fidelity. Using operative Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) solvers, techniques such as direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES) continue to empower engineers to balance simulation speed and fidelity demands.

Plane Mesh

Unquestionable Fidelity for Generation-Defining Results

Whether you’re looking at traditional external aerodynamics and propulsion studies, or working toward future designs like supersonic travel commodification, fluid-structure interaction, hypersonics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and thermal protection systems, you need CFD simulation software that resolves commonplace challenges readily while evolving with your design needs.

A CFD workflow with efficiency and fidelity equally in mind saves time and money for your design teams in an industry plagued by years-long commitments to product design and system simulations.

Customizable Workflows for Fidelity-Centric Designs

Being able to import and export optimal quality mesh generation to any solver format is one solution we offer for getting through the scalability and timeline dependencies. On top of that, exploring hybrid RANS/LES methodologies as well as utilizing convergence acceleration technologies within our customizable GUI empowers your CFD workflows.

Unparalleled Mesh Generation

Mesh generation expertise has long been a bottlenecking factor within CFD simulations where teams need to create a suitable mesh for the fidelity of their simulations. Cadence is looking to optimize your CFD efficiency while maintaining or improving the fidelity of your simulations.

From RANS to Beyond

Calculating flow conditions from takeoff to landing requires accuracy across unique flow regimes with that span the entire flight envelope. While RANS methods usually provide reliable accuracy, additional methods like high order, DNS, and LES can all be used to improve fidelity.

Here is Your Freedom to Innovate

Commercialized space exploration, electrification, hypersonics, and more all are at the front door to the house of this eternally cutting-edge industry. How are you planning on equipping your engineering teams with the tools they need to let these technologies in without sacrificing safety or fidelity?

Unquestionable fidelity

Mach Descent

As you will likely spend a vast majority of a project in the mesh generation and geometry preparation stage of your workflow, it is vital to equip yourself with both a reliable mesh and the solvers you need. The Cadence® Fidelity environment provides access to a diverse, customizable, and highly automated GUI capable of adapting to the solutions you presently need, at the speed you desire. Utilize the comfortable and understood RANS solver adaptations with the freedom to experiment with hybrid approaches.  

Meshing expertise


At risk of timelines and deadlines, the quality of your mesh, and therefore, the reliability of your simulations, cannot fail. Pointwise offers excellence in mesh generation, geometry preparation, and does it all with the intent and priority of enabling the translation of your mesh into any workflow.

Simulation run time

Mach Descent

While fidelity is of utmost importance, if you were offered the ability to increase the efficiency of your simulations without sacrificing fidelity, would you take it? Save the core hours from inefficient solvers and invest in an all-in-one solution that prioritizes accuracy and efficiency.


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