Streamlining System Design with Multiphysics Analysis

Today’s high-performance electronic systems are being driven by ever-increasing complexity and density that require designers to consider issues of electromagnetic interference (EMI) / electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as well as power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI), and thermal integrity.

To accelerate the design process and meet aggressive delivery schedules, engineers need to be able to perform cross-fabric and multiphysics analysis to model, simulate, and analyze these effects on system-level designs. Cadence’s high-capacity and high-accuracy multiphysics analysis technologies enable designers to perform multiphysics analysis within an in-design process that goes beyond the chip and extends throughout the entire system.

Key Benefits


Easily reads design data from all standard chip, IC package, and PCB platforms, offering unique integration with Cadence implementation platforms


Massively parallel execution, via the cloud or on premises, provides up to 10X performance gain and virtually unlimited capacity


Equipped with true 3D model extraction and simulation that accurately depict the physical configuration of the system designs being modeled


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