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The Pinnacle of PCB Design: Cadence Allegro

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Never question what you can do by using Allegro for all things schematic, board, analysis, and manufacturing.

The Ultimate PCB Design Experience 

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Design helps bring your innovative and bleeding-edge designs to life.  The constraint-driven environment provides real-time visual feedback and ensures the functionality and manufacturability of your PCBs while allowing you to keep designing. 

Whether you are designing for Aerospace, autonomous vehicles, super computers, or a simple IoT device, Allegro PCB Design helps you meet your unique design requirements.

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Real-time design insights such as the integrated analysis workflows, advanced routing technologies, and the diverse set of design checks enable you to make informed decisions and go from concept to production in a fraction of the time. 

Powerful routing algorithms make it easy to tackle both simple and complex routes no matter the density. Utilize a circuit route planner and reduce routing time by choosing from multiple options such as scribble, contour, any angle, slide, push, hug, tuning, and more. 

Current Design trends are putting more logic into a smaller space requiring special attention to HDI and manufacturing.

The HDI technology in Allegro PCB Design helps you meet your compact and sleek design requirements without compromising on quality. Make electronics miniaturization manageable without a microscope

Rely on real-time manufacturability checks to help you reduce the number of design iterations and get your designs to production even faster

Shorten your design cycles and improve productivity by connecting with your manufacturing rules at your design start to ensure manufacturability and electronic assembly success throughout every stage of your design process.

Collaborate across multiple disciplines and domains while never losing control of the design.

Easily manage complex projects with domain specific data, stay in sync with your engineering teams and collaborate with project stakeholders to accelerate time to market and gain competitive advantage

Concurrent team design enables collaboration both globally and across teams helping reduce time spent on routing, optimization, simulation, and more. Get real-time design data insights, track design changes, browse and access thousands of up-to-date electronic parts, understand supply chain restrictions associated with components, and easily manage a shared strategic parts list between teams.

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Not only will you get PCB design options, but also schematic, library management, as well as simulation and in-design analysis capabilities. 

Allegro System Capture

Whether you’re a schematic or system designer, librarian, or part of the reliability team, System Capture provides you with a team design environment that enables speed, accuracy, and efficiency in your multiple board systems.

Allegro PSpice

Whether you’re a schematic or system designer, librarian, or part of the reliability team, System Capture provides you with a team design environment that enables speed, accuracy, and efficiency in your multiple board systems.

With endless design complexities comes endless software opportunities 

Real-Time Constraints

PCB design doesn’t have to be a manual process. With a real-time constraint-driven flow, you can easily set up your design rules and visually verify that your unique requirements are being met.

This way you’ll have less stress at signoff, reduce design respins, and improve time to market.

High-Speed Design

High-speed and high-frequency designs contain critical signals that need to be managed early on.

With real-time circuit analysis checks, you can identify and resolve any conflicts between signal lengths and complete your designs in a fraction of the time.

Analysis-Driven Design

Designs are vulnerable to SI and PI issues due to high data transfer rates, noise, improper component placement, and even poor power delivery networks (PDNs), to name a few.

Poor SI and PI result in weak functionality and your design failing in the field. To avoid and ease these issues, it’s important to simulate your design to identify and adjust those signals and planes that may be causing issues.

Team Design and Collaboration

Successfully bringing a product to market requires the efforts of several team members (whether they are working locally or remotely).

Manually sharing design updates could cost you and your team time and productivity and increase the possibility of design errors. With a collaborative design environment, it’s easy to avoid conflicting design data and get to market faster.

Design Reuse and Productivity

A design reuse methodology means that not every project you work on must start from scratch.

With existing and proven design IP, you can save time and prevent design errors. By reusing known-good modules and constraints, you can easily streamline your PCB design process and get to market with verified technology faster.

Interactive Routing

Routing doesn’t have to be a manual process filled with advanced routing techniques.

With various routing modes and checks available, you can quickly complete complex routes on dense boards. Simply avoid rule violations and meet electrical, mechanical, spacing, and manufacturing requirements with the help of real-time visual cues.

Miniaturization and HDI Design

Packing complex technologies in a small area has its challenges, but with HDI technology and embedded components, it’s possible to maintain SI and performance.

Shorter signal paths and via stub elimination make it easy to create reliable, powerful, and compact designs.


Real-time design for manufacturing (DFM) checks such as design for fabrication (DFF), design for assembly (DFA), and design for test (DFT) can help you identify potential problems while you design so you can avoid costly respins that could derail your project timeline.

With these checks and detailed documentation, you can complete your design fast and sign off with confidence; That’s design for excellence (DFX).

Implement Any Design on Any Production Schedule 

Refuse to meet deadlines again. Exceed them with our choice selection of premium package and PCB design tools as well as analysis and optimization workflows.  

System Capture

Innovative team design capabilities to ensure concurrent workflows can update without interruption.


Signals, power integrity, interconnect optimization and more simulation capabilities.

Allegro PCB

Enable data-fueled, full board design enablement for any team size and product workflow.

Start using implementation tools today

Cadence OnCloud Platform for the Allegro PCB Design

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Empower your schematic and circuit design capabilities with crisp layout tools paired with our system design and analysis strategy to provide access to integrated in-design analysis.

  • Smart schematic design with empowered design rules
  • Integrated simulation and in-design analysis for optimization suggestions
  • Reliability verification in a comprehensive layout tool for product signoff

200 hours. Named user license.

USD $1,500/mo

150 Tokens

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