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Empower the next stage in your design workflow with Allegro System Capture’s powerful multiboard and team design functionality.

Don’t Just Add More Boards and Components, Multiply Your Efficiency

Allegro System Capture is the one solution that makes design a cinch for anyone from small hobbyists designing custom products to engineers designing complex systems involving a large number of boards.

The Allegro System Capture architecture allows for a unique structure for both schematic audit and integrated design constraints, allowing you to work toward production with more security than ever. In addition to schematic necessities to define a netlist, equip yourself with vital component stress analysis and high-speed signal simulations. Allegro System Capture enables multi-user access to your designs with smart version control and the ability to edit on a block or page level. Don’t take chances with your systems, take triumphs.

Seamlessly Coordinate with Other Engineers when Collaborating on a Large Design 

Allegro System Capture offers the ability to give permissions at either block or page levels to individual designers, as well as clearly track versions of the design. 

With multiple engineers working on a single design, coordination is key to a successful design. Ad-hoc methods can lead to design issues and frustration due to simple miscommunications. 

Large Pin Counts, and the Corresponding Complexity in Managing a Large Number of Signals, Are Approaching Unmanageable levels

The ability to group nets and ports together to manage heterogeneous areas, and otherwise smart wiring between ground and power connections, allows your designs to get through dense pin-count areas faster than ever without sacrificing accuracy.

Never Settle for Less than Reliable Systems, Enable Your Engineers to Think About the End-User Experience Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re selecting diodes that need to withstand the stresses of outer space, or capacitors that can handle voltage fluctuations, over-stress analysis can always be a challenge.

With integrated stress analysis, use schematic cross-probing to find components that are over-stressed with respect to voltage, current, power, or temperature with the requirements particular to your use case. Accomplish all this without requiring simulation models!

Available from Cadence

Allegro System Capture  

Whether you’re a schematic or system designer, librarian, or part of the reliability team, Allegro System Capture provides you with a team design environment that enables speed, accuracy, and efficiency in your multiple board systems.

Schematic Enablement for Product Optimization

Layout Environment Integration

Natural integration into both the Microwave Office and AWR suite of tools as well as Allegro PCB Design.

Design Reuse Methodology

Built with reuse in mind, Allegro System Capture enables your engineers to customize and templatize repeatable sections to ensure that they don’t have to layout the same pin array on several unique occasions.

Schematic Audits and Accurate Constraints

Utilize smart audits and constraint management tools to customize your designs for necessary industry standards, as well as to ensure a more automated approach to rule adherence. 

Integrated Library and Unified Part Search

Update part and model information with ease, as well as search in your curated library network for the exact reference information necessary for your designs.

Implement Any Design on Any Production Schedule 

Turn those days going back and forth between simulations and designs into iterative, ongoing developments with integrated simulation and design engines. 


Signals, power integrity, interconnect optimization and more simulation capabilities.

Allegro PCB

Enable data-fueled, full board design enablement for any team size and product workflow.


Simulation for everything from mixed-signal designs to component tolerance and manufacturing yield optimization.

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Cadence OnCloud Platform for the Allegro PCB Design

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Empower your schematic and circuit design capabilities with crisp layout tools paired with our system design and analysis strategy to provide access to integrated in-design analysis.

  • Smart schematic design with empowered design rules
  • Integrated simulation and in-design analysis for optimization suggestions
  • Reliability verification in a comprehensive layout tool for product signoff

200 hours. Named user license.

USD $1,500/mo

150 Tokens

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