Key Benefits

Cadence’s mixed-signal solution addresses implementation and verification challenges and delivers a comprehensive, interoperable, and production-proven methodology.


Streamlined flows unify a wide spectrum of products and technologies to increase throughput, productivity, and design efficiency


Enables a collaborative design approach where analog and digital design teams work together, sharing design data and information to reduce iterations and improve overall efficiency and turnaround time


Addressing the needs of the mixed-signal design community for over 20 years, delivering thousands of successful tapeouts


Built on strong foundations of products, technology, IP, services, support, and broad ecosystem support



Because today’s mixed-signal designs have multiple feedback loops through analog and digital domains, the “black box” approach is no longer possible for top-level verification. The new world is a complex, multilayered fusion of the two disciplines, where the boundaries are fuzzy, the interactions complex and, at best, poorly modeled. Cadence offers an integrated mixed-signal verification environment that ensures the reliability of the mixed-signal verification results.



For designs that are analog-centric or digital centric, Cadence provides mixed-signal solutions that improve and optimize these flows and methodologies in ways that improve communication, reduce iterations, and streamline the engineering change order (ECO) process. For designs that tightly integrate analog and digital functionality, Cadence has an advanced co-design methodology that enables and promotes concurrent design, facilitates greater collaboration, and supports the mixing of analog and digital blocks at the top level of the design, which improves overall productivity and increases design throughput.



As mixed-signal designs move to more advanced process nodes, there’s a growing need for a signoff-quality tool. Signal integrity and waveform effects require signoff-quality analysis. Filling an important void, the Cadence® Virtuoso® Digital Signoff Solution delivers silicon-accurate timing and power signoff with signal integrity analysis. Right-size packaging allows you to migrate away from implementation signoff compromises.