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OnCloud Platform

Cadence OnCloud is a subscription service to a platform granting cloud-based data storage and access to Cadence technology in role-based packages. Currently, we have the PCB Hardware Expert, Microwave Expert, Multiphysics Analyst, CFD Analyst, and CFD Marine Engineer roles in Cadence OnCloud.

No, while we certainly encourage you and your teams to use the technology available in Cadence OnCloud to the capacity you desire, Cadence will continue to support both contract-based software access as well as Cadence OnCloud named user licenses.

Simply go to any of our role, product, or platform pages and click the “Start Free Trial” button. Once there, either log in with your existing Cadence account or create a new account. Enter your payment information (either credit card or ACH), and then you are ready to design and analyze. If you haven’t used your free trial already, you will automatically begin an 8-hour or 30-day (whichever is consumed first) trial, at the end of which you will automatically begin your subscription billing cycle.


India Commercial

The prices of Cadence OnCloud role subscriptions in your shop experience are represented in INR to reflect accurate pricing.

For quick and efficient collection of taxes, the Indian Income-tax Law has incorporated a system of deduction of tax at the point of generation of income. This system is called “Tax Deducted at Source,” commonly known as TDS. Under this system, tax is deducted at the origin of the income. Tax is deducted by the payer and is remitted to the Government by the payer on behalf of the payee.

In respect of payments to which the TDS provisions apply, the payer must deduct tax at source on the payments made by him and must deposit the tax deducted by him to the credit of the Government.

Cadence OnCloud purchases, if applicable, might be subjected to TDS under section 194J of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 (Act). If applicable, the customer shall make payment to Cadence after withholding of taxes on the total amount (excluding GST).

Your GSTIN is used to determine tax numbers. Your GSTIN State must match your billing address State in your Cadence Account to accurately reflect GSTIN in your purchase.

In case you are registered under GST, please provide the 15-digit GST Identification number for the purpose of issuing a tax invoice. You may claim the GST we charge on the tax invoice as input tax credit, subject to the fulfillment of prescribed conditions under the GST Law.

If you are looking to make automatic payments as easy as possible, you will need to link the one-time-password authorization process with your bank. This will save your billing information for automatic payments and save you from having to input your information manually each time you renew your subscription.

Your Cadence OnCloud purchase requires multiple forms of payment authorization – the first payment authorization is collected because we are asking for your billing information, and the second payment authorization is collected to verify the charge we are about to place on you. The first payment authorization will come prior to finalizing your checkout, and the second payment authorization will come as you place your order.


A Cadence token is a representative of computational usage for simplifying the process of giving you access to the tools you desire without the need for long-term contracts or bulky investment in equipment set-up. The tokens are pre-calculated, so there are no adjustments based on unanticipated usage.

Effectively, each token is evaluated at an even $100 rate so that you can understand simply and budget accordingly for your hourly and token usage. Oftentimes in large projects, there are a few extra thousand dollars laying around for additional temporary contract work, etc. Now, you can use that unused budget for an additional cloud-based analysis run and get ahead of your product timeline

The base Cadence OnCloud subscription is based on 200 hours of usage for the role you are signing up for. Whether this is PCB Hardware Designer, System Analyst, or one of our other additional offerings, you can adjust the number of Cadence OnCloud subscription tokens based on your usage and consumption through your Purchase Profile.

For the OrCAD Hardware Designer role in Cadence OnCloud, your total token burn rate equates to 4.08 tokens per hour. For the PCB Hardware Expert role in Cadence OnCloud, your total token burn rate equates to 0.75 tokens per hour. For the Microwave Expert role in Cadence OnCloud, your total tokenburn rate equates to 1.1 tokens per hour. For the CFD Analyst role in Cadence OnCloud, your total token burn rate equates to 1.0 tokens per hour. For the Multiphysics Analyst role in Cadence OnCloud, your total token burn rate equates to 1.5 tokens per hour.

Your tokens will not roll over at the end of the monthly subscription period. If you need additional tokens, you can purchase more to enable any additional projects. If you have auto-renewal enabled, you will have your chosen token amount automatically refreshed at the beginning of each monthly subscription period to ensure you always have enough tokens to run your projects.

Tokens purchased will be available for only the Cadence OnCloud Subscription they are purchased for. If you would like to expand available tokens for both your PCB Hardware Designer role and your System Analyst subscriptions, you would need to purchase these separately as the tokens are not interchangeable because of their unique usage rates.

Once you start a large simulation job in, for example, our Clarity analysis environment, you will receive notifications based on total usage and anticipated necessary token details. If you do not have the necessary tokens to run this job, you will be prompted to purchase more to guarantee you do not run out of tokens mid-job.


Absolutely! Cadence believes that it is vital to give the solvers of tomorrow’s problems all the tools they need. The Cadence University Program provides free Cadence OnCloud access. If your university is not yet a member, apply for access by downloading the below document and having a professor submit your request to

Your Cadence OnCloud Academic Subscription includes a one-time subscription for a six-month period. If you already have access, please log in or create an account above to begin using Cadence OnCloud. To participate, your university must have been approved through the University Program Authorization Form.

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