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10 Dec 2022 - 11 Dec 2022

2022 EDA Workshop (Taiwan)

2022 電子設計自動化研討會將於12/10 &12/11於新竹關西舉辦,除了延續提升 EDA 產學界國際競爭力,也會探索產學界如何因應未來 EDA 與電子產業的變化、營造 EDA 領域人才創業的氛圍,以持續帶動國內 EDA 領域之研究發展。Join Cadence speech at EDA workshop to learn about 「The Future of Intelligent Chip Design」and visit our booth to know about Cadence and EDA industry.

Hsinchu County, Taiwan Industry Conference
13 Dec 2022 - 15 Dec 2022

AI Everywhere Forum 2022

Cadence is a Platinum sponsor of the AI Everywhere Forum. Join us as Cadence technology experts discuss how AI is changing chip design, improving engineering productivity and automating design optimization, and enabling the next-generation technology drivers such as 5G, Hyperscale Computing, Industrial IoT, Autonomous Driving, and more.

Digital Design, System Analysis, Verification Online Industry Conference
23 Jan 2023 - 27 Jan 2023

AIAA SciTech Forum 2023

Visit us at AIAA SciTech 2023, where Cadence technical experts will be presenting papers in technical sessions, demonstrating software, and answering technical questions in booth 511.

CFD National Harbor, Maryland , USA Industry Conference
05 Jan 2023 - 08 Jan 2023

CES 2023

Want to see exciting technology that is behind some of the biggest innovations at CES? Book a meeting now to visit the Cadence® invitation-only suites at CES 2023, January 5-8 at the Venetian Expo, Level 2, Titian 2201B.

Tensilica Las Vegas, NV, USA
22 Dec 2022

Cadence TECHTALK: Xcelium Apps:包罗万象的仿真

本次CadenceTECHTALK将全面介绍Xcelium Apps的产品组合,其中包括机器学习,混合信号,多核技术,安全验证,功耗Playback以及X-pessimism Removal。您将了解如何将本地集成的Xcelium Apps无缝混合并搭配,以更快实现验证目标。

Xcelium Online
14 Dec 2022 - 15 Dec 2022

CadenceCONNECT: Club Formal India

Cadence is pleased to once again bring you CadenceCONNECT: Club Formal, a platform for formal verification experts to come together and discuss the latest in formal technologies, including challenges, benefits, and best practices. Hear from your peers on how they are using formal verification techniques in their flows and interact with members of the Cadence® R&D team to discuss the technology, roadmap, and use cases. In this in-person seminar, you will hear an industry keynote, a Cadence R&D keynote on the latest in JasperTM technology, and several users who will discuss best practices. Plus, we will have deep technical demos and presentations by Cadence formal experts.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
08 Dec 2022

CadenceCONNECT: Functional Verification Seminar 2022


Verification Online Cadence Event
11 Jan 2023 - 12 Jan 2023

CadenceCONNECT: Photonics - Riding the Waves Along the Spectrum

Join Cadence for the CadenceCONNECT Photonics event and workshop on January 11 - 12 in San Jose, CA. On day one, we’re featuring presentations from industry and academic experts that will help you tackle many of your design challenges. On day two, you will have the opportunity to learn hands-on with Photonics experts.

Virtuoso, Custom San Jose, California, United States Cadence Event
13 Dec 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Best Practices to Achieve the Highest Performance using Xcelium Logic Simulator

Wondering how you can easily achieve up to 3X exemplary performance gains using Xcelium Logic Simulator. This webinar will provide a handy checklist of best practices covering umbrella performance switches, “access” levels, and simulation profiling to achieve the highest performance using Xcelium.

Xcelium, Verification Online Cadence Event
15 Dec 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Find More Bugs, Hit the Most Difficult Scenarios Faster

Register for a CadenceTECHTALK to find out how to achieve verification closure with the same coverage with up to a 10X reduction in simulation cycles. This webinar will cover how Xcelium simulator with the Machine Learning (ML) App improves the efficiency of your regression environment, save CPU cycles, improves bug-hunting efficiency, and speeds up coverage closure.

Verification, Xcelium Online Cadence Event