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22 Apr 2021

CadenceTECHTALK: Successful IC Verification Program Management Using Data

Join this webinar and learn how the vManager platform’s out-of-the-box data analysis can help users review progress and quickly jump to areas that need attention. For more advanced analysis, we will touch on the vAPI and how it offers full flexibility to analyze the data and visualize results. Finally, we will discuss how machine learning will play a part in using data to make our lives easier.​

vManager Verification Management Online Cadence Event
15 Apr 2021

Cade​nceT​ECHTALK:​Hierarchical PI Analysis of Large Designs with Voltus Solution (Taiwan)​

Voltus Online Cadence Event
23 Apr 2021

CadenceTECHTALK: 5G/6G/高周波回路設計に必要な電磁界ソルバEMX Planar 3D Solver

Virtuosoプラットフォームと統合されたプレーナ構造に適したモーメント法をベースとした電磁界ソルバEMX Planar 3D Solverの機能紹介を行います。

Virtuoso, System Analysis Online Cadence Event
19 Apr 2021 - 23 Apr 2021

Linley Spring Processor Conference 2021

This year, the Linley Spring Processor Conference will feature live-streamed presentations addressing processors and IP cores for AI applications, embedded, data center, automotive, and server designs. Join us as we introduce our comprehensive portfolio of DSP solutions—ranging from ultra-high-end mobile and multi-camera applications to always-on sensor and IoT applications.

Tensilica Processors Online Industry Conference
25 May 2021 - 28 Apr 2021

Embedded Vision Summit 2021

The Embedded Vision Summit attracts a global audience of companies developing computer vision and edge AI-enabled products including embedded systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications. Register for hundreds of hours of learning—from workshops to the latest technical insights, business trends and vision technologies—all with a focus on practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI. The Summit connects the theories from great academic conferences, like CVPR, to reality.

Tensilica , Tensilica Processors Online Industry Conference
21 Apr 2021 - 20 Jul 2021

CadenceTECHTALK Series: Scale Up System Simulations with Cadence Multiphysics Solvers

Join our multiphysics experts in their live sessions discussing the new generation of multiphysics solvers which are created with multi-core, cloud computing in mid with algorithms that produce virtually unlimited scalability, up to 10X performance gain and still gold standard accuracy.​

System Analysis Online Cadence Event
22 Apr 2021

Electronic Systems SI/PI Forum​

Don't miss this half-day online Electronic Systems SI/PI Forum featuring industry leaders covering key design topics for SI/PI engineers. Watch Cadence experts present on Sigrity 2021: 10X Performance for Next-Gen SI/PI.

System Analysis Online Industry Conference
22 Apr 2021

Bringing Supply Chain Intelligence to the Engineering Desktop - A Look at the Cadence/SiliconExpert Integration​

It's never too early to think about the viability of the components that you are adding to your design. When choosing a part, design engineers have the option of researching the inherent risks that come with it. Searching the Internet for the latest product information is not always the best use of an engineer’s time. Cadence and SiliconExpert have found a way get that information into the engineer’s hands using the design tool’s native interface. Join Bruce Riggins and Dwight Morse to find out how you can decrease the risk of your designs without ever leaving your design tool.​

System Analysis Online Industry Conference
23 Mar 2021 - 23 Apr 2021

CadenceTECHTALK: What’s New in Sigrity 2021.1 – Korea

Sigrity 2021.1 Base has been released including many features highlighted. This webinar provides an overview of the new and enhanced features in Sigrity 2021.1 Base release.

Sigrity Online Cadence Event
28 Apr 2021 - 29 Apr 2021

WAMICON 2021 Virtual

Join Cadence at WAMICON 2021 to learn about up-to-date multidisciplinary research needs and interdisciplinary aspects of wireless and RF technology. Register to attend our “Multiband Active Antenna Tuner for Cellular IoT Applications” talk by David Vye on design challenges and solutions for developing a multiband active antenna tuner for cellular IoT mMTC applications.

RF Microwave Design Online Industry Conference