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Date EVENT NAME TECHNOLOGY Location Event Type
17 Jan 2021 - 20 Jan 2021

Radio and Wireless Week 2021​

Cadence is a Platinum Sponsor of Radio and Wireless Week (RWW). Connect with us at the event to learn more about our RF and Systems offerings. RWW 2021 provides a unique forum for engineers to discuss various technologies for state-of-the-art wireless systems and their end-use applications.

RF Microwave Design Online Industry Conference
19 Jan 2021 - 21 Jan 2021

Taiwan Telecom Annual Conference

Visit the Cadence booth at the Taiwan Telecom Annual Conference to see a demonstration of Cadence system analysis and AWR RF/microwave solutions. Taiwan's largest event for electromagnetic, RF, and microwave technologies in communication applications, the conference includes exhibitions of cutting-edge technology in addition to seminars.

RF Microwave Design Taipei Industry Conference
20 Jan 2021

CadenceCONNECT Arm联合技术研讨会:Building Arm Compute with Cadence Digital Full Flow for Best PPA (China)

Join us to learn about the latest Arm and Cadence collaboration from experts in each area, with live Q&A after each presentation on 20 Jan 2021

Digital Implementation Shanghai, China Cadence Event
21 Jan 2021

CadenceCONNECT: Club Verification

Join this virtual event—a deep-dive, technical forum for intermediate and advanced users of simulation and metric-driven technology—to extend your verification expertise and learn more about the latest advances in verification solutions from Cadence.

Verification IP Virtual Cadence Event
21 Jan 2021

CadenceCONNECT: Building Arm Compute with Cadence Digital Full Flow for Best PPA

Join Cadence and Arm to learn about optimized design methodologies for the Arm Cortex and Neoverse processors and how get the best power, performance, and area (PPA) for your SoC design.

Digital Implementation Online Cadence Event
27 Jan 2021

Conformal ECO: Flows and Methodologies

Do last-minute functional ECOs give you sleepless nights? Have you run into timing issues after manually implementing a functional ECO? Join this quarterly webinar to learn about using Conformal ECO Designer and Cadence’s physically aware logic synthesis technology to select the most suitable flow for the given design context so you’ll sleep better at night.

28 Jan 2021

How to Create Accurate ECAD Libraries from MCAD and Automate Them

Accurate libraries are key to getting quality results out of any design tool. Attend this webinar to learn how Allegro ECAD-MCAD Library Creator provides an automated way to accurately generate IPC standard-compliant ECAD libraries from MCAD, so you can adapt to any changes in the board technology or assembly process.

Allegro, PCB Design India
28 Jan 2021

AWR Design Environment 体験型ワークショップ

無線機器の設計を効率化するCadence® AWR® Design Environmentは業界最高レベルの解析機能と精度をご提供することができる設計環境です。当ワークショップ(オンライン)では、製品に触れていただくことができ、また、既にご導入頂いているお客様におかれましても製品を活用した増幅器設計の全体像を最新の機能と合わせてご確認/体験いただけます。

RF Microwave Design Online Cadence Event