Date EVENT NAME TECHNOLOGY Location Event Type
06 Oct 2021 - 27 Oct 2021

CadenceTECHTALK: テンシリカ DSP IPウェビナーシリーズ

Vision・AI 処理向け Vision DSP、浮動小数点処理向けFloatingPoint DSP、オーディオ・ボイス・AI 処理向け HiFi DSP、そしてディープラーニング・AI 処理 向けの新しいDNA プロセッサについて、最近のアプリケーションのトレンドと要求性能なども交えながらテンシリカ IP の最新状況をご紹介します。

Tensilica Online Cadence Event
17 Oct 2021 - 20 Oct 2021

EPEPS Virtual 2021

Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems Conference (EPEPS) is the premier international conference on advanced and emerging issues in electrical modeling, analysis, and design of electronic interconnections, packages, and systems. It also focuses on new methodologies and design techniques for evaluating and ensuring signal, power, and thermal integrity in high-speed designs. Cadence is a Gold Sponsor of this event and will present a one-hour tutorial on the Clarity 3D Solver’s interposer flow and the challenges of 3D EM simulation.

Clarity 3D Solver, Signal and Power Integrity Online Industry Conference
19 Oct 2021 - 21 Oct 2021

Arm DevSummit 2021

Join Cadence at Arm DevSummit, a virtual event designed for software and hardware engineers. This three-day virtual conference serves up insights into the latest technology trends, gives you an opportunity to up-level your skills in technical sessions and hands-on workshops, and offers the chance to network with like-minded software developers and hardware designers.

All Online Industry Conference
19 Oct 2021

CadenceTECHTALK: Advanced Antenna Design and Integration Through Circuit/EM Co-Simulation

This webinar will showcase Cadence RF solutions support for design, analysis, and integration of antennas within manufacturing layout flows for PCB, module, and RFIC technologies. Examples will include surface-mount chip/antenna impedance matching with network synthesis, conformal integrated antenna analysis, antenna array in package/module design, and on-chip antenna design.

RF Microwave Design Online Cadence Event
19 Oct 2021

CadenceLIVE Europe 2021

CadenceLIVE Europe 2021 brings together Cadence technology users, developers, and industry experts to connect, share ideas and best practices, and inspire design creativity.

All Online Cadence Event
20 Oct 2021

CadenceCONNECT: Mission Critical 2021

We will introduce you to optimized design methodologies for mission-critical electronics system applications like Aerospace and Defense, safety, security, 5G, and others. The event brings together Cadence technology users, developers, and industry experts for networking, sharing best practices on critical design and verification issues and discovering new techniques for designing advanced silicon, SoCs, and systems.

Aerospace and Defense, RF Microwave Design Online Cadence Event
20 Oct 2021

FINE™/Marine for CFD Simulation of Propulsion

Join this webinar to learn how you can accurately predict propulsion and get precise speed and power calculations for your ship design using FINE™ / Marine. Our CFD experts will show you all available options for modelling the propulsion, from a simple resistance calculation all the way to the complete modelling of a full propeller or waterjet. Register Today!

CFD Online Cadence Event
22 Oct 2021

CadenceTECHTALK: 今、北米で使われているケイデンス式・低消費電力化インプリメンテーション技術のご紹介


Digital Implementation Online Cadence Event
25 Oct 2021 - 29 Oct 2021

NAFEMS World Congress 2021

Join Cadence at NAFEMS World Congress. The conference will provide a forum for presenting a unique combination in innovative techniques and best practice methods that cover every aspect of engineering modelling, analysis and simulation. Check Cadence presentations in the conference as well as visit our virtual booth.

System Analysis Online Industry Conference
26 Oct 2021 - 08 Dec 2021

Webinar: Basics of CFD in 8 Weeks

Learn the basics of CFD in eight classes across eight weeks and gain hands-on experience using commercial, flow-simulation software! This is a free online course.

CFD Online