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Date EVENT NAME TECHNOLOGY Location Event Type
30 Jun 2020 - 16 Jul 2020

CadenceTECHTALK (Japan): 機能検証ソリューション・セミナー Verification Throughput and Smart Bug Hunting with the Cadence Verification Suite


vManager, ProtiumX1, Xcelium, JasperGold, Indago, Verification IP Online Cadence Event
08 Jul 2020 - 17 Jul 2020

CadenceTECHTALK (Japan): デジタルIC設計ソリューション・セミナー 2020 @HOME


Pegasus, Genus, Innovus Online Cadence Event
09 Jul 2020

Webinar: Chip-Level Thermal Analysis Using Celsius Thermal Solver

Transient thermal analysis is a critical factor in understanding thermal behavior, and the impact of dynamic thermal management on the performance of a chip, even more so for applications like automotive, data center, mobile, healthcare, and high-performance computing

Celsius Online Cadence Event
09 Jul 2020

Webinar (India): Leveraging In-Design DFM to Reduce Post-Layout Signoff Iterations

Join this free live webinar and learn how Cadence’s Allegro PCB DesignTrue DFM Technology offers industry’s first in-design DFM solution addressing manufacturing checks in real time as you design.

Allegro Online Cadence Event
09 Jul 2020

Webinar: Digital Implementation and Signoff – A Full Flow Overview

Bigger and more complex designs translate to more challenging PPA targets. To meet these challenges, the Cadence integrated digital full-flow offers innovations that work across individual tool boundaries through the integration of core engines and key technologies. Watch this webinar to learn how the Cadence digital full flow and its underlying products can help you beat your PPA goals ahead of schedule.

Digital Implementation Online Cadence Event
10 Jul 2020

Webinar (Taiwan): Verify Clock Gates with the JasperGold SEC App

The Cadence JasperGold Sequential Equivalene Checking (SEC) App is the industry's most widely supported independent sequential equivalence checking product--providing a complete solution without the need for testbench development. Learn more about the app by joining Cadence for this free, one-hour live webinar.

JasperGold Online Cadence Event
13 Jul 2020 - 16 Jul 2020

Webinar Series: Front-End Power Analysis and Optimization

The majority of gains in low power occur in the early stages of design—in the architecture and microarchitecture levels. Being able to make effective decisions at those stages requires a combination of data and technology to accurately predict how they will translate into the final product, which traditionally has not been possible. Join us for this four-day webinar series to learn how to analyze and optimize designs to arrive at the lowest power end product.

Joules RTL Power Solution, Low-Power Design, Genus, Logic Design Online Cadence Event
15 Jul 2020

CadenceTECHTALK (Japan): AWRオンライン・セミナー 2020 -July


RF Microwave Design Online Cadence Event
15 Jul 2020

Webinar: Addressing the Signoff Crisis with Tempus Power Integrity

Attend this webinar. Tempus Power Integrity introduces an integrated IR drop/STA solution combining the accuracy and speed of Tempus STA with Voltus IR drop analysis. Coupled with Innovus Implementation and Tempus-ECO Option’s powerful IR avoidance and fixing capabilities, Tempus Power Integrity enables engineering teams to signoff the highest performing designs with utmost confidence. Limited to Cadence customers with access to the digital implementation flow.

Innovus, Tempus Timing Signoff, Digital Implementation Online Cadence Event
16 Jul 2020 - 16 Sep 2020

Webinar Series: Finding Verification Pitfalls Before They Get You

What if you could reduce rework by stamping out the pitfalls much earlier in the design cycle, saving countless hours of design frustration when you are up against your release deadlines? Join our four-part webinar series to learn about advanced verification techniques that can be applied to RF and analog designs, as well as a methodology for tracking your progress to final specification coverage of your analog/mixed-signal designs.

Virtuoso, Custom IC Design Online Cadence Event