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We partner with the global academic community to encourage technology education and innovation. We are committed to providing industry-leading technology and programs to students, educators, researchers, and future innovators.

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Integrating Video, Radar, and Lidar for Autonomous Driving

See how Leibniz University Hannover is using Cadence’s Tensilica® IP cores and Protium Prototyping Platform to improve safety for people with disabilities.

1M Processors to Model the Human Brain

How exactly does the human brain work? Stephen Furber of the University of Manchester discusses how they used Cadence Allegro® tools to design the chips and boards of their SpiNNaker machine, the largest neuromorphic computer in the world, which is being used to model the human brain.

Hardware Systems for Digital Hearing Aids

Holger Blume of the Leibniz University of Hannover’s Institute für Mikroelektronische Systemes discusses how they were able to build next-generation commercially oriented hardware systems for digital hearing aids with increased computation performance using Cadence tools.

Chips to Study Natural Intelligence and to Build Artificial Intelligence

The Institute of Neuroinformatics discusses how they used Cadence tools to process artificial heart beats, muscle movements, and nerve recordings to understand how brains compute.