Addressing Smart Sensor Design Challenges for SoCs and IoT (Part 1)

What are the most effective techniques for designing, verifying, and implementing low-power mixed-signal blocks for integration with ARM® processors? And how do you efficiently validate the entire system, including the firmware and digital and analog components? Attend this webinar to hear ARM and Cadence discuss how you can address your Internet of Things (IoT) and system-on-chip (SoC) design and verification challenges using high-efficiency ARM Cortex®-M0 processors, optimized physical and system intellectual property (IP), and an integrated mixed-signal design flow based on the industry-leading Cadence® Virtuoso® platform. Learn ways to reduce time to market; realize power, performance, and area design targets; and, most importantly, satisfy ever-increasing competitive market demands.

上次修改時間: March 14, 2016