Easily Explore and Analyze Your Design with Virtuoso ADE Product Suite

How do you form a comprehensive environment for circuit design? Cadence® Virtuoso® ADE Explorer and Virtuoso ADE Assembler provide two key pieces. Virtuoso ADE Explorer’s simplicity and agility let you tweak your initial design. It uses a familiar user interface (UI), and its interactive tuning with the Spectre® Circuit Simulator gives you dramatic performance improvement for quick iterations. Virtuoso ADE Assembler offers powerful features for tasks such as multiple testbenches, calibration scripts, and circuit optimization. Simple filtering fields let you mine through thousands of simulation results with just a few keystrokes. With the run plan assistant, you can interactively build a sequence of conditional and dependent runs and fire off the whole flow either in batch mode or from the UI.  Their one streamlined database lets you switch back and forth directly in the UI, so you’re using the tools which are as simple or as complex as you need at the moment and everything stays in sync as your design progresses.

上次修改時間: June 18, 2016