Faster Mixed-Signal Simulation Ensures Chip Performance

Engineers at ams AG were frustrated at how long it was taking to verify their mixed-signal designs. If there wasn't enough time in the schedule, the trade-off was to not verify everything, but risk having chips that didn't work as expected. Knowing that they had reached their limits with the hardware, the ams team turned to software for an answer. In this short video, Thomas Moerth, the company's manager of Design Support, Full-Service Foundry, talks about how Cadence® Virtuoso® AMS Designer helped ams complete 2X the number of simulations as was previously possible and how Cadence Spectre® Extensive Partitioning Simulator helped boost simulation speed by 10X.

마지막 수정 날짜: May 10, 2016

지속 시간: 3 min