Hardent: Solution for Next-Generation Automotive Video Systems Enabled with Cadence IP

Alain Legault, VP Engineering at Hardent, introduces the VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) standard, a visually lossless compression algorithm compatible with Cadence MIPI DSI transport technology. As the number of video sources in cars grows, so does the challenge of processing and transporting video content around the vehicle. With VESA DSC compression, the data transport capacity is increased by up to 3X, enabling designers to use existing physical interfaces in the vehicle with an increased number of displays at higher resolutions. DSC compression also results in lower cabling costs and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI). For more information on VESA DSC visit: http://www.hardent.com/ip-products. For more information on Cadence MIPI DSI Transmitter IP: https://ip.cadence.com/ipportfolio/ip-portfolio-overview/interface-ip/mipi-ip/dsi

마지막 수정 날짜: May 3, 2018