If you're not satisfied with the progress of your case, you should follow these steps to ensure your case receives the appropriate level of attention (skipping an escalation level may actually delay the handling and resolution of your issue). Please refer to Global Customer Support Contacts for regional phone and email information.

Escalation Process

Step 1

Use your case number to contact the assigned Cadence Support application engineer and describe your specific concern regarding progress. Clarifying expectations regarding urgency and level of communications improves the likelihood of a satisfying customer support experience.

Step 2

Contact your Global Customer Support region and request that your case be escalated.

  • Advise them that you'd like to have a case escalated
  • Have available:
    • Your name, company name, case number
    • Reason for escalation

Step 3

Contact your Global Customer Support region and request to speak to the Customer Support Director regarding case escalation.