The Cadence® Global Customer Support Team is committed to helping you resolve any platform- or product-related issues. Cadence maintains the infrastructure and processes necessary to ensure that your case is assigned to an appropriately skilled Cadence Customer Support application engineer who can provide an efficient and timely response to your technical issues.

If you are unable to resolve your technical issue through online support, report the problem to Cadence Customer Support using an online support Case Submission Form. Once within Cadence Online Support, click the "Cases" link.

Please provide the following information:
Product information
Description of the problem
As you enter information regarding your case, Cadence Online Support displays potential solutions that address your issue

Case Severity

Case severity is based on the following criteria:

  • Minor — Problem doesn't affect normal operations
  • Important — Serious concerns regarding daily operations
  • Critical — Severe impact on daily/production operations or possible line down situation

Submitting Your Case

When you click Submit, a new case is created with a unique identification number and assigned to Cadence application engineers based on their product expertise.

Attaching a Test Case

Providing a test case:

  • Dramatically decreases resolution time (Test cases are mandatory when submitting Cadence Change Requests (CCR) to R&D)
  • Enables accurate reproduction of the problem (Test cases provided by the customer are more likely to reproduce the problems accurately than those created by Cadence Customer Support application engineers)
  • Speeds determination and resolution of the problem

Case Management

You can view the progress of your case resolution on Cadence Online Support by clicking the "View Requests" link. 

You can also update your case on Cadence Online Support at any time. Or, you can update your request by emailing (Including "Update" and the case reference number in the subject line will automatically append the message to your case reference number in the subject line will automatically append the message to your case and immediately notify the case owner.)