FPGA-Prototyping of an Automotive Ethernet based Parking Assist System

This demonstration shows a video from an Ethernet connected camera being streamed over a single twisted pair cable to a BroadR-Reach PHY connected to an FPGA Prototyping System. The relevant application for this is using cameras within Parking Assist Systems in a top view or rear view configuration. Leveraging a HW/SW Co-Design methodology allows engineers to develop and test drive their Automotive Ethernet application (HW + SW) BEFORE the ECU hardware is available. The FPGA-Prototyping System slotted into a Linux PC contains key Cadence IP and a BroadR-Reach interface card: - Cadence BroadR-Reach Interface card to connect any external Ethernet device via the Cadence Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) with the e. g. ECU - Cadence Ethernet MAC IP incl. firmware which is running on the FPGA Prototyping System supports Time Stamping (IEEE 802.1AS) and Traffic Shaping (IEEE 802.1Qav) - Cadence PCIe IP to connect the FPGA Prototyping System to a Linux PC to display the video stream.

Last Modified: August 29, 2018

Duration: 2 min