The Cadence® Connections System Realization Program is a worldwide network of companies collaborating with Cadence to improve system development processes for mutual customers by:

  • Increasing tool usability and interoperability
  • Defining open methodologies built on industry standards
  • Enabling the creation of reusable system-level design and verification IP
  • Proliferating methodology usage through training
  • Simplifying methodology adoption and assisting customer success through services

Cadence contributes tools, methodologies, and expertise to each collaboration effort, bringing together a comprehensive system development solution with industry-leading technology, IP, training, and service providers. We make the results of these collaborations available in our products, methodologies, and industry activities. 

Below is an alphabetical list of the companies who are actively involved in collaboration to improve system realization productivity:

Companies Involved in Collaboration to Improve System Realization Productivity