While Cadence offers a wide array of system design enablement solutions and services, customers occasionally find the need to integrate software from other suppliers into their own design flows. Through the Cadence® Connections® program, we encourage interoperability and open industry standards, collaborating with software suppliers worldwide to enhance the value that customers find in using Cadence products.

Fostering Development of Validated Interfaces

Cadence Connections supports and embraces third-party software suppliers that offer complementary solutions in front-end design, verification intellectual property (IP), IC implementation, mixed-signal design, verification, manufacturability, and system-package-board. Through the program, software suppliers can access Cadence software and support for the development of validated interfaces to Cadence products, all while supporting proven Cadence design flows.

We collaborate with third-party suppliers in three primary areas: electronic design automation (EDA), verification IP (VIP) and services, and system development:

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