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PCB 设计  

Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 16.5 provides customers with new capabilities for a shorter, predictable, and convergent path to product creation. The latest Allegro technology is now available through flexible on-demand product configurations that offer cost-efficiency and scalability. Allegro 16.5 spans silicon, SoC, and system-level development and offers PCB designers benefits such as:
  • Higher functional density with a constraint-driven flow for embedded components
  • Faster timing closure with new PCB interconnect design planning technology
  • Fewer physical prototype iterations with concurrent team design authoring
  • More efficient low-power design with integrated power delivery network analysis
  • A compliant and faster implementation path with package/board-aware SoC IP
  • Smoother collaboration among global teams with new SiP distributed co-design
  • Flexibility through “base plus options” configurations
OrCAD is now more powerful with 3 new PCB configurations: OrCAD Designer Professional, OrCAD Designer Standard and OrCAD Designer Lite that provide the lowest cost of ownership ever.

Each Allegro product area has a “What’s New” tab that provides details on what is “new” for this latest release