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Scope of Safe Harbor Certification
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (hereinafter “Cadence”) recognizes that the European Community has established a data protection regime pursuant to Directive 95/46/EC (the “Directive”). The Directive applies to the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Switzerland has also established a data protection regime pursuant to the Federal Act on Data Protection. These regimes restrict companies in the EEA and Switzerland (collectively, “EEA/CH”) from transferring personal data about individuals in the EEA/CH to the United States unless there is “adequate protection” for such personal data when it is received in the United States. To create such “adequate protection” and allow its subsidiaries and business partners to overcome the restriction on international data transfers established by the Directive and the Federal Act on Data Protection, Cadence adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles published by US Department of Commerce (“Safe Harbor Principles”) with respect to personal data about individuals residing in the EEA/CH that subsidiaries, customers, and other business partners in the EEA/CH provide to Cadence in the United States (“EEA/CH Data”). More information about the Safe Harbor Principles and Cadence’s scope of participation is available at

Scope of This Notice
This Notice applies only to EEA/CH Data relating to data subjects residing in the EEA/CH (“EEA/CH Persons”), including those that are Cadence customers. It does not apply to personal data that Cadence receives about employees of Cadence or its subsidiaries (such data is addressed through separate notices) or data that Cadence receives directly through (such data is addressed in

Categories of EEA/CH Data
Cadence sells and licenses products and provides services to businesses, not individual consumers. Cadence, however, may collect personal data in the course of conducting its business or in furtherance of legitimate business interests. For example, Cadence may collect the name, contact information, and job position of certain employees of its business customers.

Cadence uses EEA/CH data relating to its customers for business purposes, including without limitation: (1) maintaining and supporting its products, performing requested services, and complying with its contractual obligations related thereto; (2) satisfying governmental reporting and tax requirements; (3) storing and processing data in computer databases and servers located in the United States; (4) implementing and maintaining Cadence’s information technology; (5) for other business-related purposes permitted or required under applicable local law and regulation, including for marketing purposes; and (6) as otherwise required by law.

Cadence shares EEA/CH Data relating to EEA/CH Persons with our subsidiaries, affiliates and contractors. Cadence may share EEA/CH Data with other third parties for a business purpose. Such third parties must agree to use the data only for the purposes for which they have been engaged by Cadence and as required or permitted by law. With respect to such sharing of data as well as marketing e-mails from Cadence, EEA/CH Persons may opt-out by submitting an e-mail request to with “Opt-Out” in the subject line, or by following opt-out instructions that are contained in each marketing email. Cadence may also disclose EEA/CH Data if legally required or permitted by law and we have a legitimate business interest in such disclosure.

Access and Review
Upon reasonable written request, Cadence allows EEA/CH Persons reasonable access to their EEA/CH Data in order to correct, amend or inactivate such data. EEA/CH Persons may update their contact information by contacting their sales representative. Cadence will endeavor to respond in a timely manner to all reasonable written requests to view, modify or inactivate personal data.

Safe Harbor Contact
Please e-mail any comments or questions regarding our safe harbor compliance to If you have a comment or question that cannot be resolved with Cadence directly, you may contact the Judicial Mediation and Arbitration Service (JAMS) if it falls within the scope of this Notice.

Effective: April 26, 2013
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