Sean O’Kane  
Unhinged creator, executive producer, writer, and roving reporter Sean O’Kane set out three years ago to create a Web TV show like no other. Then that little trip to the Big House intervened and, well, the project went on hiatus as they say down in Hollywood. But he’s been completely rehabilitated and the early work for that project has now come to life, with Unhinged. Sean is also executive director and producer of ChipEstimate.TV. A San Jose native, Sean has sales management and e-business solutions experience from a number of tech companies, including AccelChip (now part of Xilinx) and Synplicity (now part of Synopsys). If he looks or sounds familiar, he probably owes you money. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it. Additionally, you may have seen or heard Sean’s work as a stand-up comic, actor, and voice-over talent in TV shows, movies, commercials, and video games. When Sean’s not reinventing video in the Silicon Valley, he volunteers as a sensitivity trainer at San Quentin (yeah, really).