Brian Fuller  
Your Unhinged host, Brian Fuller, has been a reporter, editor, and writer for nearly 30 years. He wanted to be a professional baseball player, but short, slow and cowardly never get you very far on the diamond. Now editor-in-chief and blogger extraordinaire at Cadence, Brian has spent much of his career covering the electronics industry, serving as editor-in-chief of EE Times and EBN and as editorial director with UBM. (With the help of a therapist, he’s recovering from that experience, thanks for asking). There, he pioneered a number of digital technologies within the electronics industry, including early forms of blogging, leveraging social media for publishing and producing and hosting video coverage, including the industry’s early live-streaming programming. He drove around the country for a year in a Chevy Volt, eating fattening foods and interviewing engineers. It got him zero endorsement deals. When he’s not interviewing tech luminaries or hosting industry events, you might find Brian at a San Francisco Giants game, secretly sipping beer from strangers’ cups.