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SiP Layout v16.6

台北2013/11/22 - 11/221天09:30~17:3020人截止

課程種類Silicon-package-board co-design catalog; Silicon-package-board co-design catalog
價格NT$5000 /per-day

課程種類:            符合製程的封裝設計與新版本功能進修

產品版本:            V16.6






·        完整的了解與操作APD/SIP最新版本每季更新的所有功能

·        得知新產品的相關資訊



·        Cadence SIP Layout XL, Allegro Package Router



·        16.6 version


Day 1

·        新功能的演練與講解

·        使用者自行操作熟悉新功能

·        新產品的介紹



Course Description

The SiP Layout course covers a complete package design flow using the SiP Layout software. You begin by building components for your design, including the I/O component and die interfaces, using a variety of tools. You create standard and extended manufacturing constraints as well as high-speed electrical constraints. You will then use the wire-bonding toolset to wire bond the die to the package and route the package using both interactive and automatic routing techniques. You will create power and ground shapes, and then generate documentation and manufacturing files in both gerber and GDSII formats.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a process flow to suit your design needs
  • Create a cross section to model the SiP package
  • Use the SiP Layout physical and spacing constraint system to define physical and spacing constraints in your design
  • Define physical package I/O components in a variety of ways
  • Define the physical IC interface through different mechanisms
  • Create bond pads and blind/buried padstacks.
  • Wirebond a stacked die to the package.
  • Route the package interconnect manually and automatically.
  • Create power and ground shapes.
  • Run Assembly Rule Checks.
  • Generate documentation layers.
  • Create manufacturing data.

Software Used in This Course

  • Cadence® SiP Layout XL

Software Release(s)

  • SPB 16.6

Modules in this Online Course

  • Getting Started
  • Component Building
  • Design Setup
  • Wire Bonding
  • 3-D viewing
  • Routing
  • High Density Interconnect
  • Embedded Components
  • Manufacturing Output


  • This course is for SiP designers and design engineers.


You must have experience with or knowledge of the following:

  • You need a working knowledge of single or multichip design and construction.

System Requirements for Online Courses

  • Cadence software as listed above installed and licensed

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  • SiP RF Architect

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 Allegro High-Speed Constraint Management v16.6
 Allegro Package Designer v16.6