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Skill Programming for IC Layout Design v5.1.41

新竹2013/11/21 - 11/211天09:30~17:3030人截止

課程種類Custom IC Design
SKILL Programming for IC Layout Design vIC 5.1.41

Category: Layout

Course Description

This advanced Engineer Explorer course provides a focused exploration of SKILL® programming in the Virtuoso® layout environment. You are required to have a working knowledge of SKILL programming and the Virtuoso Layout Editor or to complete the course prerequisites.

In this two-day course, you use the SKILL programming language to write code for layout design tasks for cell design, cell validation, library updates, and parameterized cells (Pcells). You also learn to

  • Run predeveloped SKILL programs to automate those tasks
  • Analyze key program constructs for each program
  • Customize the programs to meet new requirements
  • Explore options for enhancements to the programs

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Measure cellview data using the SKILL language
  • Locate I/O pad data using SKILL
  • Compare pins on two cellviews using SKILL
  • Copy a design and replace cell references using SKILL
  • Analyze Pcell libraries using the SKILL language

Software Used in This Course

SKILL development environment
Virtuoso Layout Editor v5.1.41

Software Release(s)

  • IC 5.1.41


Physical Layout Designers
Cadence® Application Engineers
Layout Designers
CAD Developers
CAD Engineers
Cadence SKILL Programmers


You must have the

  • Ability to develop or maintain SKILL programs for layout

or you must have completed the following courses:


 Skill Programming for IC Layout Design v5.1.41