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With Cadence Education Services, find out how easy it is to adopt new technologies and realize the many advanced capabilities they provide you. We can help you get the most out of your investment through a wide range of education offerings, from instructor-led classes based on standard courses, to customized curriculums, or our Internet Learning Series (ILS) online courses.

Cadence serves your education needs in EMEA from seven regional training centers. Or if you prefer training at your location, we also offer onsite training programs that provide the same high-quality training experience and materials as our Cadence centers.

Course Catalogue

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   Advance with Engineer Explorer Series 
Analog Simulation
Allegro AMS Simulator Advanced Analysis v16.6 
Analog Modeling and Simulation with SPICE-v3.0Upcoming Dates
RF Analysis with Virtuoso Spectre Simulator vMMSIM 11.1Upcoming Dates
Using Virtuoso Spectre Simulator Effectively MMSIM_7_2Upcoming Dates
Behavioral Language for AMS Simulation
Behavioral Modeling with Verilog-AMS v13.2Upcoming Dates
Behavioral Modeling with VHDL-AMS v2.0 
Real Modeling with SystemVerilog v14.1Upcoming Dates
Real Modeling with Verilog-AMS v14.1Upcoming Dates
Chip Design
LP5-Low-Power Flow with Encounter Digital Implementation v14.2Upcoming Dates
Formal Verification
Formal Analysis Advanced with Incisive Formal Verifier v12.2Upcoming Dates
Allegro Design Reuse v16.6QIR8Upcoming Dates
Allegro High-Speed Constraint Management v16.6QIR7Upcoming Dates
Advanced SKILL Language Programming vIC 6.1.6 
SKILL Programming for IC Layout Design vIC 6.1.6 
Logic Design
Advanced Synthesis with Encounter RTL Compiler v14.1Upcoming Dates
LP3-Low-Power Synthesis Flow with Encounter RTL Compiler v14.1Upcoming Dates
Low Power
LP1-Low-Power Simulation with CPF v13.1 
LP1-Low-Power Simulation with IEEE Std 1801™ UPF v13.2Upcoming Dates
Advanced PSpice for Power Users-v16.2Upcoming Dates
Analog Simulation with Pspice Advanced Analysis v16.6 
Physical Design v6.1
Analog Implementation Basics for Mixed-Signal Designs vIC 6.1.5 
Analog-on-Top Mixed-Signal Implementation vIC 6.1.6Upcoming Dates
Digital Implementation Basics for Analog Mixed-Signal Designs v11.1 
Virtuoso Floorplanner vIC 6.1.6Upcoming Dates
Power Analysis
Voltus Power-Grid Analysis and Signoff v13.2Upcoming Dates
Signal Integrity
Allegro PCB SI GXL v16.5 
Foundations of Metric Driven Verification v14.1Upcoming Dates
Incisive® Comprehensive Coverage with IMC v14.2 
Metric Driven Verification using Incisive vManager v13.2Upcoming Dates
Specman Advanced Verification v14.1Upcoming Dates
SV1-SystemVerilog for Design and Verification v20.3Upcoming Dates
SV2-SystemVerilog Assertions v4.2Upcoming Dates
SV3-SystemVerilog Advanced Verification Using UVM v1.2Upcoming Dates
SV4-SystemVerilog Advanced Register Verification Using UVM v1.1Upcoming Dates
   Custom IC Design – VirtuosoCourse overview   Custom IC Design – Virtuoso
   Digital IC Design – EncounterCourse overview   Digital IC Design – Encounter
   Functional Verification – IncisiveCourse overview    Functional Verification – Incisive
   IP/VIPCourse overview   IP/VIP
   Language and Methodology Courses for Chip and SPB DesignCourse overview   Language and Methodology Courses for Chip and SPB Design
   Low-Power Design – Incisive/Encounter 
   System Interconnect Design – Allegro & OrCADCourse overview   System Interconnect Design – Allegro & OrCAD