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 India University Program Policies 

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The Cadence University Program was established to provide commercial grade EDA software to accredited, degree granting colleges and universities for non-commercial, not-for-profit educational purposes. Academic research using Cadence software via the University Program must be limited to research in pursuit of a degree (e.g. thesis research). Cadence reserves the right to qualify academic research for applicability under this program.
Standard Policies
  1. All applicants to the program must be accredited; degree granting academic institutions located in India or other SAARC countries.
  2. Our program's primary focus is the traditional academic departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineer, Computer Science, ECE and Physics. Other University research labs, centres and institutions will be evaluated for participation in our program on a case-by-case basis.
  3. For each site, the University identifies a single server that will house the Cadence licence file. Multiple floating licences may be accessed from machines attached to a network containing the server. Executables may be housed on the server or another machine on the network.
  4. Benchmark studies of any software tools provided under this University Software Program are expressly forbidden.
  5. For each site, a primary and a secondary Technical Liason will be designated by the University. Technical Liasons will be responsible for installation and maintenance of the Cadence software and are the only point of contact with Cadence for all support issues. It is expected that Technical Liason would have all the requisite system administration expertise.
  6. For accurate licencing, the appropriate machine host-id # for the licence server must be provided.
  7. All Cadence software and documentation can be downloaded from our website. Licence files would be sent by email. The university may print an unlimited number of hardcopies of Cadence documentation for internal use in conjunction with its Cadence site.
  8. An authorised representative of the University will review and approve the University Software Licence Agreement. CHANGES AND / OR ADDITIONS TO THE LICENCE AGREEMENT WILL NOT BE HONOURED.
  9. The university should provide information to Cadence indicating the topic and the number of students per class or research project.
  10. The University would be provided with two login's for the online technical help website.
  11. Updates for new releases can be requested for at the online technical help website.
  12. The maximum period for which the licences can be provided for is not more than three years.
  13. The Cadence Licences are customer installable.
  14. Cadence would provide participating institution training on the tools for one week at Cadence Office in Bangalore.