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 Web Collaboration 

SpaceCruiser is a Web Collaboration technology that allows Cadence customers and Cadence Customer Support Application Engineers to conduct desktop sharing, remote access and online presentations.

Desktop sharing is vital to the Service Request resolution process:

  • Resolving an issue through a Web Collaboration session can save time and eliminate the need for a test case
  • Enables reproducing machine-specific issues
  • Allows Cadence staff to demonstrate proper product usage
  • Enables saving/recording a session (per customer permission only) to attach to SR or CCR for Customer Support and R&D escalations
A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection provides secure authentication and encryption.

How to get started:

  1. A Cadence Customer Support Application Engineer will initiate a session and provide a Conference ID
  2. Go to Cadence Web Collaboration website
  3. Registered Cadence Online Support users login with their online support. Check Enable SSL and Enable Java Web Start
  4. Join a Web Collaboration session by clicking on the displayed links