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 Components of Cadence Global Customer Support Flow 

Customer Support flow - Step 1

Cadence Global Customer Support maintains and continually updates an extensive knowledgebase of solutions, as well as a wealth of other product information and technical documentation. This information is readily and securely accessible via Cadence Online Support, a 24x7 online support tool - providing customers with solutions right at their fingertips, saving customer teams time and effort. Over 5,000 new solutions are published on Cadence Online Support every year. Cadence customers with current maintenance can setup online support accounts, update profiles, define user preferences and start taking advantage of the many benefits of Cadence online support. Based on selected preferences, Cadence Online Support will proactively notify customers of updated solutions and release information, empowering them with the latest knowledge as soon as it becomes available.

Customer Support flow - Step 2

If customers are unable to find answers to technical issues on Cadence Online Support, Cadence Global Customer Support provides flexible access to the expertise required to overcome engineering challenges. The basic element of communication between customers and Cadence Global Customer Support is a Service Request. Service Requests may be submitted via Cadence Online Support to request assistance of Cadence Global Customer Support. Service Request submission enables customers to describe the problem and provide test cases or other supporting documentation that will assist the assigned Cadence Support Application Engineer in issue resolution.

Customer Support flow - Step 3

Cadence maintains infrastructure and processes to ensure timely Service Request creation and assignment to Cadence Support Application Engineers based on product expertise. Instant alerts are sent to the Service Request owner, guaranteeing efficient and timely response to customer's technical issues. The Cadence Support Application Engineer will review all of the submitted information about the issue, including attached test cases. They are equipped with tools and technology to access customer's Service Request and Cadence Change Request history to better understand the full range of design challenges faced by Cadence product users.

Customer Support flow - Step 4

Cadence Support Application Engineers utilize an extensive knowledgebase of solutions and Cadence resources with high technical expertise to quickly address customers' technical issues. On average, a Cadence Support Application Engineer has over 5 years of experience at Cadence and over 12 years of industry experience. Each engineer completes over 80 hours of technical training per year to increase expertise and stay on top of product updates and features. Cadence Support Application Engineers work closely with the product development teams to gain early visibility to the upcoming product releases and to educate R&D teams in technical issues faced by Cadence customers.

Communication is the key to successful issue resolution. Cadence Support Application Engineers work closely with customer teams to ensure that the issue is resolved to customer satisfaction. They utilize Web Collaboration and other tools to assist in rapid and successful Service Request resolution. Cadence also ensures that customers have access to the latest updates and status of the issue resolution process and related Cadence Change Requests via Cadence Online Support—anytime, anywhere.