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 System-to-Silicon Verification Solution 

Faster Time to Market for ARM-Based Mobile, Networking, and Server Applications
Collaborating with ARM, Cadence has enhanced the ARM®-based system verification solution in our System Development Suite to deliver:
  • Faster performance analysis and verification of ARM CoreLink™ 400 interconnect intellectual property- (IP-) based systems. This is made possible through a new adaptable interconnect performance characterization test suite in the Cadence® Interconnect Workbench, along with AMBA® Designer integration.
  • More pre-verified support of hardware-accurate OS embedded software verification using Cadence Palladium® XP II platform with ARMv8 64-bit Cortex® processor family Fast Models
  • Verification IP (VIP) supporting AMBA 5 Coherent Hub Interface (CHI) protocol for advanced server, storage, and networking systems and Accelerated Verification IP for Palladium XP II platform
"In the ultra-competitive mobile, network, and server markets, our partners are driven by the need to quickly differentiate and deliver the right product inside very tight development windows. The expanding collaboration between ARM and Cadence, and the availability of better ARM-based system design and verification automation, enables our joint partners to focus on innovation and getting their value-added products to market faster."
James McNiven, Deputy General Manager, Systems & Software Group, ARM
"The Cadence Palladium solution for embedded software development enabled by ARM-based Fast Models helps us reduce the system software validation cycle and ensures a smoother post-silicon bring-up. The continued delivery of innovating technology from ARM and Cadence is crucial to our ongoing success."
Kevin Kranzusch, Vice President, System Software, NVIDIA

Expanded CoreLink Performance Verification and Analysis
An automated flow from AMBA Designer into Interconnect Workbench means that you don’t have to manually specify the description of your interconnect. You can do many iterations of your interconnect and quickly verify and analyze the performance to achieve the results you need. To optimize performance inclusive of memory access, tap into CoreLink interconnect and memory controllers, which also work with Interconnect Workbench.

Expanded Support for AMBA Protocol and ARM Fast Models
Cadence has expanded its already market-leading support of AMBA protocols with the availability of VIP and Accelerated VIP for AMBA 5 CHI. You can take advantage of verification support across all simulators and the Palladium XP series.

The Cadence Palladium Hybrid solution has been expanded to support ARM Fast Models for the ARM Cortex-A portfolio, including ARMv8 processors for mobile and networking systems. In addition, since Cadence is a value-added reseller for ARMv8 and ARMv7 Fast Models, you gain a one-stop shopping experience.