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Open integration platform 

  What SoC Realization Is And How to Enable It
Vishal Kapoor, Cadence vice president of product management, outlines the challenges and requirements behind SoC Realization. He shows how an open integration platform, along with integration-optimized IP, will enable successful SoC hardware and software development. View the video »
An open integration platform
As the new application-driven design paradigm gains traction, engineering teams need a new approach to SoC Realization—one with an integration-centric focus that addresses software and verification complexity to accelerate SoC development and reduce costs.

An open integration platform provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to develop today’s complex SoCs efficiently and profitably. It addresses the key steps toward successful SoC Realization:
  • Analysis of the design architecture
  • Development and sourcing of integration-optimized IP
  • Integration of IP to realize the SoC

An open integration platform delivers the following components to bridge the gap between customer expertise and the production design chain, optimizing the path from “concept to silicon.”

Integration design environment
The integration design environment is a comprehensive suite of products that enables developers to create, evaluate, acquire, and integrate IP into a SoC—optimizing from the physical layer through the controller and up to the bare-metal software. It takes advantage of existing Cadence capabilities such as chip planning solutions, metric-driven verification, low-power design, mixed-signal implementation and verification, and hardware/software integration.

Integration-optimized IP
Today’s SoC Realization requires a new definition of IP, one that extends beyond traditional IP to address integration complexity, verification, and software to significantly reduce the cost of SoC design. In this definition of IP, Cadence delivers a fully integrated IP stack that extends from the physical interface though the controller to the bare-metal software, and includes a comprehensive design and verification environment. Learn more »

Integration services
When developing an SoC, engineering teams may require specialized expertise that lies beyond their core business strengths to complete the project. This expertise may be essential but non-differentiating, and it can be both expensive and time-consuming to build or locate. With extensive industry experience, Cadence provides specialized services to design IP, enhance IP, and integrate SoCs as well as deploy and manage design environments. Learn more »

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