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 Automotive Solution 

Safe, Reliable, and Unique The automotive Industry is working towards autonomous driving vehicles. As a result, future cars will be equipped with sensor clusters, more computing power, Car2X communication technology, high-bandwidth Ethernet networks, and more than 15 high-definition (HD) displays.

Lack of space, reduction of power and weight (emissions), and cost savings will push automotive suppliers to integrate much more functionality on a chip rather than on a PCB. By leveraging new advanced semiconductor process technologies like 40nm G, 28nm FD-SOI, and 16nm FinFET in combination with dedicated design IP and packaging technology, a new class of automotive systems on chip (SoCs) or systems in package (SiPs) will dramatically change the architecture of future high-integration engine control units (ECUs). Due to increasing complexity, functional safety as defined in the ISO 26262 standard has to become an integral part of each automotive product development phase, ranging from the requirements specification to design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, and production release.

Overall, these changes will greatly enhance vehicle performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety of future vehicles. Learn how Cadence’s automotive products can help you address some of your automotive design challenges.

Key Automotive Applications
Application Product(s) Functions Enabled
Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Tensilica® image and video processing, Cadence® design IP and verification IP Supporting real-time data processing for sensors and cameras to enable sensor fusion for safety-critical systems; enabling automated parking, lane departure, and communications
Automotive Ethernet Automotive Ethernet MAC design and verification IP, Palladium® acceleration and emulation environment, Sigrity™ technologies Enabling high-speed communication link between cameras, ADAS systems, and other ECUs for high-performance in-vehicle networking (IVN) applications, system-level verification, and channel simulation
Infotainment Tensilica DSPs, Cadence design IP and verification IP Audio/voice processing, voice recognition, audio high-fidelity playback and sound enhancement, noise vibration harshness, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE radio, Car2X connectivity
ECU Module Design Allegro®, OrCAD®, Sigrity, OrbitIO™, and Virtuoso® design tools. Spectre® and Incisive® verification. Mixed-signal subsystem development and integration, PCB and package design, EMI/EMC analysis and optimization
Functional Safety Incisive verification, Incisive VManager™ solution, Incisive Functional Safety Simulator ISO 26262 safety compliance, requirement traceability, automated fault injection, fault simulation, fault tracking, documentation
  • Most complete Automotive Ethernet IP portfolio
  • Automated functional safety solution
  • Extensive software ecosystem for Tensilica HiFi core
  • Design IP and packaging technology allow new class of SoCs and SiPs
  • High-performance processors for ADAS and infotainment


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