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Cadence® Services specializes in collaborating with customers on methodology and technology adoption, the design process, and talent development to enhance productivity and reduce risk. Our world-class engineering services teams leverage advanced, production-proven design environments for analog/RF, mixed-signal, custom digital, and complex SoC design to address our customers' unique requirements.

With 14+ years of experience, Cadence Services has a proven track record across a broad spectrum of industry segments-wired, wireless, medical, automotive, military/aerospace, and consumer electronics-in a range of process geometries including 65nm and 45nm, for startups and large global customers alike. We've helped 300+ customers bring more than 1,000 innovative products to market. Our worldwide organization adapts to each customer's geographic needs and provides around-the-clock virtual teams focused on specific customer challenges.

Technology focus areas
While there is no such thing as a typical design, Cadence does see commonalities among the challenges our customers face when developing leading-edge devices. As such, we provide comprehensive support in specific focus areas, including:
  • Power-efficient design for both high-performance and ultra-low-power devices
  • Complex mixed-signal design and integration
  • Manufacturability solutions for customers migrating to advanced nodes
  • Functional verification for both digital and mixed-signal design
  • Process design kit creation for advanced custom design
  • Design foundations for new and emerging technologies
Production design environments
Combining core technology, infrastructure, methodology, process, and expertise, production design environments (PDEs) use an end-to-end approach to design that increases productivity, predictability, and product quality. PDEs move beyond the conventional "technology toolbox" to provide proven solutions that cover the entire design process and ensure first-pass silicon success. Cadence provides complete PDE solutions or specific offerings focused on critical technology areas, depending on customer requirements. PDE components leverage our industry-leading technology as well as our close collaboration with Cadence R&D, ensuring that customers benefit from the most advanced capabilities as they become available.

Collaboration infrastructure
Effective and streamlined communication is a key to any successful services partnership. Cadence has developed a collaboration infrastructure and process that is unique in the industry. Secure "collaboration chambers" give customers direct access to our engineering capabilities-regardless of geography-and ensure that both Cadence and customer team members are working in a predictable environment with consistent data views.

Cadence Services are delivered through a combination of:

Methodology and technology adoption
Our extensive expertise in production-proven methodologies ensures that customers can adopt advanced Cadence technologies quickly and optimize their use, reducing risk and ramp-up time.

Design collaboration
Whether developing large power-efficient SoCs, advanced analog components, complex mixed-signal designs, or key infrastructure components, our design services group collaborates with customers to help them achieve their design goals.

Talent development
To ensure that customer teams are equipped with the skills they need, we offer a broad range of services, such as training, design-first collaborations, and knowledge transfer.