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Cadence VCAD (virtual integrated computer aided design) services help customer design teams maximize their productivity. Our VCAD experts become part of the customer's design team, ensuring that Cadence technology is applied in the most beneficial way to achieve the customer's business goals. In addition to local support, a secure collaboration infrastructure ensures efficient and real-time remote collaboration with Cadence design experts.

The typical VCAD engagement is a long-term collaboration that starts with an assessment and definition phase, moves to implementation and technology transfer, and then transitions to maintenance of, and ongoing improvement to, the solution.

Focus on productivity
Central to VCAD services are our "capability" teams with their specialized design and methodology expertise (aligned with specific Cadence technology environments) and their focus on productivity. Our VCAD engineers work with more than 100 customers worldwide. To increase efficiency and meet expectations toward quality and maintainability, VCAD teams have developed productivity IP-core application packages based on previous customer projects. By applying these pre-existing core applications and customizing them to meet system requirements, our VCAD engineers help customer design teams ramp up quickly and be more productive.

Collaboration infrastructure
Our secure VCAD collaboration infrastructure enables Cadence technology experts to work closely with customer design teams, regardless of their location. Using this infrastructure, our "capability" teams become part of the customer development team and share their technical know-how. In contrast to the otherwise transactional character of the services business, Cadence VCAD services encompass the entire design lifecycle and align with the customer's business objectives.