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Sigrity XcitePI Extraction 

Full-chip PDN and I/O net power-aware distributed models

Distributed model extraction of full-chip PDN and I/O nets for use in either chip-level or chip-package-board power integrity or power-aware signal integrity analysis.
Product ImageSigrity™ XcitePI™ Extraction technology takes chip layout data in GDSII or LEF/DEF formats, and generates a comprehensive SPICE model that consists of a fully distributed PDN and I/O nets and accounts for all electromagnetic coupling effects between signals, power, and ground. The models can be used in conjunction with models of package and boards for chip-package-board power-integrity (PI) or power-aware signal-integrity (SI) analysis.

XcitePI Extraction facilitates effective design with a range of electrical performance assessment and visualization options. These options show the impact of changes to capacitor locations, bump, pad, and power grid designs, helping design teams avoid costly late-stage design re-spins.

  • Generates SPICE models of full-chip PDN for use in chip-package-board simulations
  • Generates SPICE models of chip I/O signals coupled to power/ground to be used in chip-package-board analysis of high-speed channels and buses
  • Includes MCP model header for easy connectivity to package and IBIS models
  • Generated models include effects from TSVs
  • Visualizes potential chip performance issues
  • Assesses on-chip decoupling capacitor implementations
  • What-if analysis of decap, bump, wire, and via size and location
  • Accurate distributed model to reflect the true circuit behavior, including TSV
  • Efficient extraction of mutual inductance and coupling capacitance for both power grid structures and I/O signal interconnects
  • Maximum accuracy with a compact chip model that is spatially distributed with high pin resolution
  • Rapid what-if experiments for achieving targeted design performance improvement
  • Compact circuit size, compressed from the model of the entire multi-layer power, ground, and/or signal connections
  • Simply and easy to run at any chip design stage even when chip is not completed