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Sigrity 2015 ASI 16.64 ASI 16.63
DesignCon 2015: Sigrity 2015 Portfolio Highlights
Brad Brim, Cadence product engineering architect, discusses the company's DesignCon 2015 highlights ranging from power-aware design for parallel buses and serial interconnect design to the Sigrity 2015 portfolio new products and enhancements including support for LPDDR4.
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Cadence Expands Sigrity 2015 Technology Portfolio with New Products, LPDDR4 Compliance Checks, and Flexible Licensing Options
The expanded Cadence® Sigrity™ technology portfolio offers:
  • Sigrity Parallel Computing 4-pack
  • Sigrity System Explorer, an updated power-aware system signal integrity (SI) feature
  • Flexible purchasing options for PCB and IC package design and analysis
Sigrity Parallel Computing 4-Pack
Sigrity Parallel Computing 4-pack is a license that allows designers to run parallel computing tasks across four additional computers, thereby accelerating product creation time and tripling the speed of PCB extraction of signoff-accurate interconnect models.
Sigrity System Explorer
Sigrity System Explorer features general-purpose topology exploration, enabling power-aware signal integrity and transient power integrity (PI) analysis across multiple fabrics. It can be used for what-if analysis of signals, power, or both signals and power together. The software enables signal and power integrity analysis using interconnect models that are pre-route (what-if), captured from measurement, or extracted using electromagnetic field (EM) tools such as Cadence Sigrity PowerSI® or Sigrity PowerSI 3D EM Full-Wave Extraction tools.
Power-Aware System Signal Integrity Support for LPDDR4
The power-aware system signal integrity (SI) feature now supports LPDDR4 analysis with full JEDEC compliance checking, including bit-error rate analysis with high capacity channel simulation for memory interface.
Product Bundle Options
Cadence product bundles provide flexible licensing options for small analysis teams with big analysis requirements. These bundles include:
  • Combined license for Allegro® Sigrity SI and Allegro Sigrity PI base products, when a single user is responsible for both SI and PI tasks.
  • Combined System SI license for both Serial Link and Parallel Bus analysis, when a single user is responsible for both memory interfaces and SerDes interfaces.
SystemSI – Parallel Bus
When simulating a DDR4 interface in Sigrity™ SystemSI™, we now have added the ability to validate JEDEC’s DDR4 bit error rate (BER) requirement of 1e-12. This is accomplished by running high-capacity channel simulation on the DDR4 data bus.

System SI – Testbench
A new general version of Sigrity SystemSI is available to simulate single-ended or differential signals traveling on either single or multiple fabrics. The Sigrity SystemSI testbench can be used as a power-aware topology simulation tool (using IBIS models) that connects interconnect models that are either pre-route or extracted.

Allegro- Sigrity PI base
DRC Markers – IR drop analysis will now create DRC markers. These DRC markers can be loaded into the Allegro® environment to pinpoint the areas that need to be corrected.

Reduced setup time when iterating – When a design is edited and renamed after analysis has been performed, the same setup information can be reused from the previous analysis despite the new .brd file name.

Support for the Latest High-Speed Interfaces
DDR4 Power-Aware Signal Integrity Analysis now includes DQ eye masks.

USB 3.0 Compliance Checks now available in Serial Link Analysis solution.

EMA Timing Designer Integration for Complete DDR3/DDR4 Timing Closure
Graphical timing spreadsheets show full interface timing relationships.

TimingDesigner and Allegro® Sigrity™ Power Aware Signal Integrity—the industry’s most complete timing analysis and timing reporting solution.

SI and PI Base Integration with XtractIM
Automatic recognition of package type, component recognition, die bump, and package solder profile, etc.

Batch mode: XtractIM workspace file (.ximx) is automatically generated and RLCG and SPICE model will be generated automatically.

GUI mode: The workflow setup is automatically completed when launching XtractIM, and model extraction and electrical performance assessment are just a mouse click away.

Allegro Sigrity Integration improvements
Common waveform and report formats.

Accelerated time-to-analysis as Allegro to Sigrity data conversion is now accomplished through direct read/write.

Allegro constraint generation from Sigrity SystemSI.