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Sigrity PowerSI 3D EM Extraction Option 

Full-wave and quasi-static solver technology for IC package and PCB capable of accurate analysis of complex 3D structures

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Cadence® Sigrity® PowerSI® 3D EM Extraction Option (3DEM) is three-dimensional (3D) full-wave and quasi-static electromagnetic field (EM) solver technology tailored for IC package and PCB board design’s S-parameter model extraction for power-integrity (PI) and signal-integrity (SI) analysis. It provides faster simulation speed than other popular 3D finite element analysis tools through its model reduction technology. The adaptive finite element mesh (FEM) refinement technology is used to provide consistent accuracy for complicated 3D structures. Enablement of time-domain transient analysis is improved over other EM solvers with its robust low-frequency-conditioning algorithm to provide stable and accurate solutions down to 100Hz. The 3D EM Extraction Option has a workflow-driven user interface and automatic port generation that makes it easier to use than other EM solvers.

The standard 2D view of the design (left) allows for selecting nets and viewing individual or groups of nets. By walking through the steps in the workflows provided, users can follow a repeatable flow for common tasks. A 3D view of the design (right) allows the user to track the connectivity through vias and visualize relationships between interconnect that would not be possible with only a 2D view.

The quasi-static extractor runs much faster than the full-wave technology, but makes certain assumptions (i.e., electric and magnetic fields are independent from each other). It quickly produces interconnect model results that consist of resistance (R), inductance (L), capacitance (C), and conductance (G).

  • Workflow-driven use models
  • Adaptive mesh refinement
  • Automatic port generation and grouping
  • Stackup and material properties viewing and refinement
  • Provides accurate EM solutions for complicated 3D structures
  • Faster than other popular 3D finite element-analysis tools
  • Distributed computing option accelerates simulation time (additional license required)
  • Accurate low-frequency solution enables superior time-domain SI analysis
  • Optimized to read physical design data from Cadence package design tools
  • Readily used with Mentor or Zuken package databases