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Cadence SpeedBridge Adapters 

In-circuit emulation of designs under real-world operating conditions

Cadence SpeedBridge Adapters enable a full-speed device to be interfaced directly to a design running at emulation speed, reducing risk by helping ensure the design’s correct in-system behavior.

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Cadence® SpeedBridge® Adapters enable design teams to rapidly construct a complete emulation environment that applies real-world system operating conditions to the design. The adapters interface Incisive® emulators to external systems, networks, and test equipment, allowing design teams to emulate the design with real application requirements such as booting the operating system, transferring files, and displaying graphics and video.

SpeedBridge Adapters support the industry-standard protocol interfaces that are widely used in wireless, networking, storage, and multimedia applications. The adapters are ready-to-use and reusable, available as plug-n-play and as customizable products.

  • Reduce risk by emulating the design under real-world system operating conditions
  • Increase productivity by allowing the system emulation environment to run at full speed when connected to an environment
  • Comply with industry-standard communications interconnect specifications
  • Increase emulation efficiency with a universal chassis that accommodates up to six SpeedBridge Adapters
  • Ready-to-use and reusable


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