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Cadence Palladium series 

Enable first working silicon with first working software

The Palladium series of high-performance, single-system, multi-user accelerators/emulators enables hardware/software co-verification and system-level verification—prior to post-silicon bring-up.

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The Cadence® Palladium® series delivers high system throughput, verification automation, and advanced debug to perform plan- and metric-driven system-level hardware/software co-verification. Capable of handling chip designs of up to 256 million gates, it also enables software to be developed and verified on a real hardware implementation using live data.

The Palladium series leverages advanced RTL and ESL verification automation features, such as assertion-based acceleration and transaction-based acceleration. It also uses “real-world” stimuli provided by external equipment. The Palladium series emulates HW/SW designs at up to MHz speeds— months before silicon tapeout—reducing the risk in committing to final silicon.

The Palladium series is available in I, II, and III configurations.

  • Reduces time to results with high throughput (up to 1,000,000X faster than RTL simulation)
  • Eases adoption with fast bring-up time from simulation to acceleration and emulation
  • Speeds time to closure via advanced interactive runtime debug with dynamic probes and events, FullVision and Infinite Trace
  • Teams with “real-world” external test equipment and systems via plug-n-play SpeedBridge® adapters for standard bus protocols
  • Leverages Incisive Enterprise Manager to manage verification system-wide
  • Supports industry standard languages:
    - Testbench development: Verilog®, SystemVerilog, C, C++, SystemC® Verification Library, and e
    - Assertion-based acceleration: OVL, PSL, SVA, and the Incisive Assertion Library
    - Transaction-based acceleration: SystemC, C, C++, and e models
    - Assertion-based verification IP: AHB, AXI, Gigabit Ethernet (GMII), USB 2.0
QuickCycles Service
Cadence QuickCycles® Service gives you flexible access to simulation acceleration and emulation capacity, either installed at your local site or accessed remotely over a secure Internet connection. We offer both time-based and turnkey options for low-risk, cost-effective access to our leading simulation acceleration and in-circuit emulation products.

Time-based access
  • Remote or onsite access
  • Flexible long-term durations
  • Optional services available
  • Defined design capacity (gate), RTL/gate-level acceleration or emulation performance, and user counts
Turnkey access
  • Remote or onsite access
  • Flexible short-term durations
  • Services included
  • Defined design capacity (gates), RTL/gate-level acceleration or emulation performance, and user counts
For companies facing challenges with capital expenditure approvals and frequently changing verification capacity needs, QuickCycles Service offers a flexible option for leasing or purchasing verification solutions that gives you access to the latest version technology at predictable costs.

Contact your Cadence sales representative to learn more.


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