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System Design and Verification 

Hardware/software co-verification
For effective system-level verification, engineers require a high-performance environment that allows access to hardware and software debuggers while running various system-level scenarios using firmware, drivers, operating systems, and application software. Conventional simulation of designs at RTL with embedded software at the system level is impractical and has performance limitations. Offering higher throughput, superior hardware/software debug, and fast compilation, the Cadence® System Development Suite allows software developers to run and debug their designs on top of a set of open, connected, and scalable platforms.

Palladium Z1 Platform
With an enhanced architecture, the standard rack-based processor platform is equipped with ultra-high-density logic blades optimizing multi-user verification throughput and efficiency. It is convenient to deploy in data centers while offering remote access to globally distributed teams. Scale up with the Palladium® Z1 platform, built for resilience, scalability, and extreme productivity.
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Palladium XP Series
A state-of-the-art hardware/software verification computing platform that unifies best-in-class acceleration and emulation capabilities in a single environment to boost verification throughput and productivity.
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Palladium Dynamic Power Analysis
Extends the Palladium accelerator/emulator with capabilities to perform system-level dynamic power analysis (DPA).  By allowing engineers performing emulation to also analyze software in a realistic system-level environment, the DPA solution enables more optimal tradeoffs between power and performance.
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Virtual System Platform
Our virtual prototyping solution for early software development, independent of hardware development, is a key component of the Cadence System Development Suite. The Virtual System Platform is part of a connected development flow and is used to validate the system hardware/software interfaces as the RTL becomes available. With early software development, higher software developer productivity, and continuous hardware/software integration validation, the Virtual System Platform and System Development Suite can shave months off of system development schedules.
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Incisive Software Extensions
Provides the productivity, predictability, and quality benefits of metric-driven techniques for hardware/software co-verification, unified hardware/software debugging, and embedded software tracing technology. Leverages and extends existing Incisive verification environment for software running on any processor.
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