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Incisive Software Extensions 

Advanced verification and unified debugging of hardware and software

Increase hardware/software bring-up productivity and system quality using Incisive Software Extensions to apply testbench automation and unify hardware/software debug windows, breakpoints, and single-step execution control.

Cadence® Incisive® Software Extensions performs advanced functional verification using the Universal Verification Methodology and provides a unified hardware/software debug environment in the SimVision debugger. By applying advanced functional verification the overall software and system quality can be improved, hardware/software integration schedules shortened, and resource costs reduced.

  • Unified hardware and software debug windows in a single GUI
  • Universal Verification Methodology testbenches make function calls, check parameter results, and measure coverage for embedded software and hardware
  • Supports processor models in any form (workstation-based host-code execution, Instruction Set Simulators (ISS), RTL models, hardware acceleration and emulation, and prototype silicon)
  • Supports design models in RTL or SystemC simulation, RTL acceleration, or silicon
  • More efficient verification closure using the vPlan and Metric Driven Verification of hardware/software


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