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Allegro Package SI 

Virtual interconnect exploration and simulation

Allegro Package SI offers powerful simulation for source synchronous and serial interfaces. The embedded 3D field solver resolves electrical issues early and performs extensive post-layout debugging.

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  • SigXp User Interface Overhaul
    • Next generation Signal Explorer (SigXp) brings pre-route exploration to every engineer’s desktop
    • PCB layer stackup aware for early tradeoff studies
    • Context sensitive right-mouse-button
    • Never more than a few mouse clicks away from a waveform
  • Improved support for IO Modeling Standards
    • IBIS libraries and models remain in native format
      • Assign, view, or edit models in IBIS format
      • Current DML flow remains as an alternative
    • New wizard imports HSpice models
      • Manual model wrapping no longer required
      • Models can be managed in definable search paths
  • Full Wave field solver now supports surface roughness
    • Three modeling techniques to choose from: Hammerstad, Modified Hammerstad, or Exponential model
  • Signal Quality Screening of routed signals streamlines Channel Analysis flow
    • Signal quality screening reduces verification cycle
      • Ability to screen channels for candidates to perform detailed analysis
      • Results based on signal-to-noise ratio of impulse response
      • Enables more design cycles to improve design performance