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IC Packaging and Co-Design 

Design Challenges
Accelerate the design process with automated, placement-aware pin assignment
Optimize the physical connectivity, even as it changes
Ensure quality and reduce complexity with reuse of interface rules and protocols

Cadence Solution
Allegro FPGA System Planner XL
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Dialog Semiconductor
Rajesh Aiyandra
Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor faced a potentially daunting challenge: reduce the size and cost of its PCBs via embedded passive devices at the substrate level. The company needed a tool that could help migrate from a two-layer BGA substrate to four layers. Rajesh Aiyandra, package design and simulation team leader at Dialog, explains how Cadence SiP Digital Layout helped deliver a smooth migration, from the change in the number of layers to the change in the via specifications.

Sheetal Jain

In this video from CDNLive India 2014, Sheetal Jain, a member of the modem organization at Ericsson Design, discusses how his team verified their design to meet DDR and PCIe specs while avoiding crosstalk. They were able to simulate and verify using Cadence's Sigrity™ solution with the IBIS/AMI virtual reference design for interface compliance signoff, which they found to be easy to set up and easy to test, while saving them time and money.

Faraday Technology
Business Challenge
  • Produce prototype of highly complex, 300-million-gate SoC—the 1st such effort in Taiwan—in 7 months
  • Grow business through ability to develop large-scale chip designs
Design Challenges
  • Shorten verification and analyses processes
  • Process large database for huge SoC design
  • Manage and integrate different technologies across industries
Cadence Solutions
  • First Encounter® Design Exploration and Prototyping
  • Encounter® Digital Implementation System
  • Encounter Conformal® Equivalence Checker
  • Incisive® verification platform
  • Sigrity™ packaging and PCB signal and power analysis solutions
  • Verification IP Catalog
  • Completed complex design from data-in to tapeout within 7 months
  • Reduced one iteration for timing optimization, extraction, analysis and verification of physical design down to 4 days
  • Expanded design capacity by 10X
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FTD Automation
FTD Automation

FTD Automation is a Cadence® channel partner in India. In this video, Mahendra, a Sr. applications engineer at FTD Automation, talks about the time-to-market and scalability benefits of Cadence OrCAD® PCB design tools. These tools, says, Mahendra, help design engineers address challenges including design complexity and cost, with capabilities including fully integrated schematic entry, signal integrity analysis, and place-and-route methodology.

Hyundai MOBIS
Imran Shaik
Hyundai MOBIS

Automotive parts manufacturer Hyundai MOBIS was facing electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems with its PCB designs. In this short video clip, Imran Shaik, a project lead on EMI simulations, discusses how Cadence® Sigrity™ PowerSI™ and Cadence Sigrity SPEED2000™ helped the company reduce its PCB testing time and get its products to market faster.

Maryam Shahbazi

Lattice is a global leader in delivering ultra-low power FPGAs for manufacturers of smartphones, small cell networking equipment, and industrial applications. For its customer base, fast time to market, low power, and low cost are important considerations. In this video, Maryam Shahbazi of Lattice's Systems Development Group talks about how the company relies on Cadence® Sigrity™ tools to model its power delivery network, solve power integrity issues, and improve voltage margins.

Nexus Technology
Joe Socha
Nexus Technology

At Nexus Technology, Joe Socha, signal integrity engineer, is responsible for analyzing tiny PCBs that are used as interposers between memory devices and their target systems. Probing memory devices can be difficult, but an interposer allows the engineer to gain signal access. In devices such as DDR4 and LPDDR4, there are electrical and mechanical challenges that Nexus manages by using Cadence® Allegro® and Sigrity™ tools. In this video, Socha talks about how the Cadence Sigrity PowerSI® tool enables the team to run what-if cases to gain insights that lead to useful changes in trace widths, impedance, and more.

Open-Silicon, Inc.
Kavitha Nagarajan
Open-Silicon, Inc.

Kavitha Nagarajan, Lead Engineer – IC Package Design at Open-Silicon, Inc., describes how the company leveraged the Cadence Integrated SPB environment to successfully complete a complex project with a tight deadline.