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Cadence 3D Design Viewer 

Solid model IC package viewing and wirebond DRC

Cadence 3D Design Viewer allows IC package engineers to interact with an accurate 3D model of the physical design and conduct comprehensive wirebond design rule checking.

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Physical Layout and Co-Design
  • New Product SiP Layout XL
    • Cost-effective Windows-based solution, preferred OSAT platform
      • supports Linux and UNIX as well
    • Allows for a distributed approach to co-design by using “die abstract” ECO files
      • Visibility of the chip IO pad ring and bump matrix within the SiP editing canvas
    • SiP Layout license also allows user to run Allegro® Package Designer (APD) software for ultimate flexibility
  • Interoperability between SiP Layout and Allegro Package Designer with new SiP Finishing Mode
    • Provides design-chain manufacturing preparation and editing of SiP designs
    • Protects/preserves chip stacking, bonding or co-design information/IP
    • Only allows substrate cleanup preparation for manufacture
    • Provides maximum openness and flexibility for SiP users
  • Wirebonding improvements
    • Non standard wire connections supports leadframe wirebonding
  • Routing improvements
    • Pad entry rules allows routing into bond fingers
    • Route off a finger at any angle
    • Wirebond finger stubs in either inward or outward direction stay aligned to bond finger
  • Package-driven co-design
    • Exchange die abstract files with Encounter Digital Implementation (EDI) tools
  • Assembly Rule Check improvements
    • Integrated with Constraint Manager
      • Singe user interface
      • Easy import / export of rules through technology file
  • Chip Integration Option for Cadence SiP Layout XL (available in January 2010)
    • Encounter and Virtuoso integration features integrated into a single product