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Allegro System Architect 

Rapid development of complex PCB designs

Allegro System Architect provides advanced design capabilities that allow three entry methods—traditional schematics, HDL/Verilog, and a powerful new spreadsheet editor.

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Product ImageCadence® Allegro® System Architect’s spreadsheet editor performs especially well in designs involving large pin-count devices, multiple wide buses, FPGAs, and high pin-count differential connectors. Multi-style design entry allows designers to significantly accelerate the process by matching the method of capture to the characteristics of the design intent. The innovative spreadsheets provide faster input and include extensive sort, filter, and editing capabilities. The schematic modules are ideal for RF, power, and analog blocks. Allegro Constraint Manager provides constraint capture and enables pre-layout SI analysis. Online packaging allows designs to be exported to layout without additional work.

These features dramatically reduce the time needed to develop PCB designs. Large teams can work seamlessly together with centralized project management, libraries, and version control.

  • Enables spreadsheet, HDL/Verilog®, and schematic input in same design
  • Provides spreadsheet sort, filter, search, and copy/paste capabilities
  • Allows connectivity editing by component or by net
  • Presents connectivity of complex devices with a unique matrix view
  • Supports associated components (caps, resistors, pull-ups, and pull-downs)
  • Generates documentation schematics automatically
  • Manages high-speed design rules with Allegro Constraint Manager
  • Supports net classes, buses, extended nets, and differential pairs
  • Allows two-way synchronization of logical and physical design
  • Enables many users to work in parallel with systematic version control
  • Supports customizable user interface and enterprise deployment
  • Provides a customizable report generation engine
  • Includes comprehensive utilities for special functions